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Flor Angélica Fernández

Please Review My Song & Pitch Correction vs Vocoder Effects

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Do you have something with less autotuning on your voice? It's hard to hear your technique for the pitch correction. There are other ways to achieve a similar effect, but many years as a recording engineer, it's rare to hear a voice without very little variation that doesn't have pitch correction or a massive amount of other effects to achieve the same sound. Sadly, it makes it almost impossible to analyze your voice as a coach.

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This recording is either one of two things:

1. An attempt to tune the heck out of it with pitch correction software ( which can also be autotune software, same thing sometimes ), in which case, I agree with Draven. This would be WAY too much AT. It should not sound cyborgish.


2. This is intended to be an effect, and autotune or vocoder software was used. Consistent with current trends where singers are using gobs of autotune or vocoder and pitch shifting effects to actually create a similar result, but the intentions and the plug-ins used as different. I've also heard it referred to as the "T-Payne" sound? I'm not a big T-Payne fan, but apparently he must of been one of the first to popularize this effect. My God, you hear EVERYONE doing now.

One is designed to help you on a few notes that should not be noticeable. The other is designed to caked on and heard, very noticeable.

I am willing to bet that the trend toward vocoder / autotune effects came from producers that were trying to pitch correct the artist and were getting nowhere and decided to just turn autotuning into an effect. Sort of like when your playing pool and you make an amazing shot and say, "... ya, I meant to do that", to save face. Autotuning and vocoder effects are cool. Its all just art and creativity. If I have a concern it would be that it is way over used these days in my opinion.

So Flor, what was your intention here?  Were you trying to correct your pitch, or were you trying to create an autotune/vocoder effect?

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