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Vocal Health Tool for Energy - Ashwagandha Root

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Vocal Health Tool for Energy- Ashwagandha Root

Fatigue can be one of the most difficult and dangerous issues to deal with for a voice professional especially because singing tired is extremely difficult mentally and can have detrimental effects on the voice physically. When we are tired we may have the tendency to push more on our vocal cords and not use our full support system as we do when we are full of good quality energy.

This can end up in inflammation of the cords, vocal thrush and possibly laryngitis, hoarseness and possibly nodes. Not to mention the "muscle memory" we are establishing when we sing tired often.

We need to provide our body and thus, our voice with quality sources of energy that will not overload us or have a negative effect on our throat, voice and vocal mechanism. Ashwaganda Root may be an excellent choice for this issue.

Ashwaganda Root as a Vocal Health Tool

Аshwagandha has been used for centuries for those suffering from fatigue, stress, low immune system issues and over all low energy. It is often referred to as the "Ayurvedic Ginseng." It is used for the same issues as Ginseng but is is not "heating or Yang" in it's stimulation like Ginseng. It is more subtle in it's effect on the body.

Ashwagandha is an excellent choice for voice professionals and maintaining proper vocal health because of it's ability to replenish the entire system. This is especially important for those voice professionals who are performing or presenting full time and on the road. This herb is excellent for helping with burn out due to excessive use of energy and poor diet and high stress levels. Sound familiar!

Heavy amounts of singing or speaking as a voice professional is what we do. It is part of the job description. It is almost as if we are always singing with a tired voice or body. This can be very dangerous and if done to much over time without proper support from a healthy energized body, we may find ourselves losing our most precious gift, our voice.

Restoring Vocal Health

Ashwagandha is also a great choice for those who are currently experiencing a burn out or downturn in energy levels and feel it in their singing or speaking. It provides us with additional life force to help us adapt to the stress we are constantly dealing with enabling us to sing with a more balanced energy and strength.

Along with a strong alkaline diet, lots of quality liquids, and a good solid technique, Ashwaganda is a fabulous choice for helping to deal with the demands put on a professional singer or speaker especially one who is on the road and performing on a regular basis. I take Ashwaganda daily as a part of my vocal health regimen.

It can be taken in capsule form, as an extract, or even as a tea. However, the extract generally contains the highest amount of herb and is most concentrated in addition to being digested and absorbed most efficiently.

Please remember to check with your doctor, herbalist or health care provider before changing any medications or adding herbs or supplements to your diet. This is extremely important as every one is different and may react differently when taking certain herbs and supplements or medications.

As always, I wish you the best on your quest for Superior Vocal Health.


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