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  1. Hi Broken Guitarist. Wow, totally forgot I even recorded that back in the day. Much has changed! If I remember rightly, yes I would say it's my mixed voice. Roughly around G4 for the "still feel" F4 for the "your kiss". Best way I can describe it is a slight cry, to keep the vocal cords together. To me it's that yawning hold feel that people describe in that area. Thanks,
  2. OK, so I've been realising that my singing voice is much more present, connected and fuller after a workout at the gym. The workouts aren't cardio based though, I rarely do cardio, it's either free weights or machine work. My voice just feels a lot better after a workout for like an hour than when ever I do a vocal warm up. My chest connects to my head without breaks, head voice is sharper, fry is better, my mix hits the sweet spot better. Just everything feels a lot overall better! Now, I understand that my blood flow is increased and I'm creating a pressure within myself to brace when pushing and pulling weights which in result could be helping warm up my voice. But why is this so much better than when I do a usual vocal "workout"? I do some pretty intense stuff when I work on my voice, obviously start off with simple stuff to wake my voice up and then get into chest stuff, head stuff and lastly mix stuff, but I don't get the level of connectivity as I do after a workout.
  3. I'd like to learn more about this. Sounds interesting. Felipe, any chance of a video demonstration?
  4. OK, so I was watching Sia on Carpool Karaoke with James Cordon. When she begins singing her neck bellows outwards. What the hell is that? She also goes on to slightly talk about a technique James asks about
  5. The first thing you need to tackle is your narrow mindedness that you sound gay. It's direspectful.
  6. Elvis just a heads up, I'm not trying to put you off going for The Voice but I have been a product on the XFactor UK. I will tell you out of honesty that they already know what they want. I made it to the final 54 at bootcamp last year and learned a few details about the show. One contestant was already told by the judge he'd get to the live shows and he did. I was asked to be signed to Sony/SYCO and put into a band and taken on to Britain's Got Talent as a free platform for them to launch us and then they were going to remove us and act like they signed us. That deal fell through when a member of the band decided he didn't like it. The TV talent shows are very very very convoluted. If anything, go for the experience, connections with meeting people and most of all be confident. If they say no, do not let it defeat you. There are a lot of empty promises within these sort of platforms. I was lucky to get to the stage I got to. I was informed post audition infront of 5000 people at bootcamp that the producers wanted a reaction from me on stage and wanted to me cause a scene. I made it through 8 stages of auditions and on the TV they cut it down to 1 audition and made it out to be that I never made it past the first audition. Yet they showed me in pretty much every episode in the background and even at bootcamp waiting to sing. Do not bust your balls for these types of things, take it as a learning process.
  7. His high notes were clear on the Video JackCee posted but his lower notes really weren't. Many singers don't need auto tune but it's still used even subtly. People want a crystal clear experience when they listen to tracks. Live settings are different.
  8. Elvis, how do you know there is no auto tune on his voice? Auto tune can be very subtle. Again, it's processed vocals then recorded visuals. Most engineered vocals have a subtle form of auto tune.
  9. Here's another one (inserts imaginary link) There's a ton of things you don't know about the singer. Remember, we're all individual. ​Pretty much what Jens said, plus he has a super light voice, that usually helps singing such songs and keeping connected. He could have been training meticulously for hours on end, day after day, month after month. Koreans are very disciplined. You have to find what works for YOU, don't look at others and how they do it. I stopped doing that and started singing how I sing and what my voice wants to do in certain areas. You could post videos of the song all the live long day and decipher little bits throughout. Until you start singing and messing around with certain bits in your voice, you're still on square one. Start and sing more, warm up with vocal exercises for an hour and sing all the songs you wish to sing. Go through them a line at a time and iron out the kinks. EDIT: Something that you also need to take into consideration is that the videos you are watching are not live videos, they're pre recorded vocals that he is miming too most likely. It's easy to mask different takes like that, I know I've definitely dropped in on more than a couple of lines when I've recorded in the studio.
  10. I wish Sam had more dynamics to his voice. He seems to flutter up high too much. I'd love to hear some depth, some nice soul in there. Like how MJ had those low notes at times.
  11. ​Yes... Hey Jordan I went out to your soundcloud station... cool music. ​Thanks Rob I'm hoping to work on more music this year
  12. Sing more. I've found more progress from just singing more. Just because you do your exercises doesn't me you're gonna be able to smash out an A4 seamlessly, it's a different task. Other things get in the weigh, timing, breathing, other vowels and consonants.
  13. AlcoholDrugsShoutingWarm up/downDry cordsExcessive/Abrasive talkingScreaming or yellingSinging loudlyCoughingHydrationThe list goes on. We as outsiders cannot comment on his behaviour or technique. The pressure to perform every night can push you past your normal point, late nights, alcohol, drug abuse. It all factors in. Just because he can smash those notes out doesn't mean he has perfect technique. Look at Adele & Michael Jackson, both had on and off days.