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  1. Hey thanks for the replies! Getting down to the gist of it, you would say I shouldn't have to "force" those 6th octave notes right? i actually think I've already helped my technique by massaging the sore extrinsic areas of my throat every day, and also just been working belowthe notes I get the urge to force.
  2. Actually I also do have a question about these "supersonic" high notes. I top out at D6, but B5 is the highest I can guarantee I can sing everyday. Now some exercises I currently practice do extend up to C6, so when I sing these exercises I try to sing all of the notes. Now up to right around A5-B5 I can sing it "perfectly", meaning there's no kind of forcing of any kind. Now I hesitate to call the C6 "forcing", but it requires a LOT of support, and if I were to keep singing the note, after X repetitions I'd be unable to sing it anymore for the day and my larynx would be sore like I just worked it out (not my actual throat like I'm hurting my vocal cords, but the extrinsic muscles). The best analogy I can make is if you entered a powerlifting competition, and you tried to break your personal best in an exercise like squat or bench press for 1 repetition. The technique isn't going to be 100%, but it'll be close but A LOT of effort will be put forth. So my question is, should I only sing the notes that are "perfect" as described above, and stop from going above that, and eventually I should be able to sing C6-D6 also "perfectly" (though it could even take years for all I know) or is the "forcing" ok? The only reason I ask this is since ~D6 or so is considered the absolute limit for males without resorting to the whistle register, I don't know if it's always going to be a lot harder to sing or if "ideally" I could sing up to the end of my non-whistle range effortlessly, it's just if I tried to sing above it'd be like hitting a wall; I just won't ever feel some kind of progression to the wall, if that makes any sense.
  3. Yeah I was dumb and didn't look at the tutorials. Let's see if just pasting the URL works here:
  4. Yeah ive heard him live, he's a monster one of the coolest singers ive heard. However i dont think he goes above g5# live, all the A5's and above he usually sings lower. also highlander is a studiosong, it's completly (*auto edit*) up to be honest ive yet to this day heard a good cover of that song ​Have you seen this? <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/-0Z7NVvCM9s" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I can't see this in my country (US) but maybe you can.
  5. Lowest- not sure, but I think around ~F1 of so was the lowest I considered "real" meaning I wasn't using 100% Fry to sing it, I think I've managed to fry down to either C1 or like B0. Highest- I've whistled my way somewhere up to G6-C7, but I can count the number of times I've been able to use my whistle register, and I honestly don't really care about whistle since imo it doesn't sound tonally pleasant at all, especially when guys use it. Highest non-whistle is D6, which I can sing pretty consistently (just don't ask me to sing it "on the move").
  6. I use a more extreme version of this, basically the snile but I also scrunch the nose up. It really helps me access head resonance, especially when I'm purposefully carrying up a heavy "late bridging" sound up to ~C5 or so.
  7. I drink SOOOO much water a day.  I'm talking like 2 water bottles worth during a singing session (~1-1.5 hours), and if I go to the gym I drink ~4 water bottles worth in 2 hours- not to mention probably 3 or 4 bottles during "everyday" activity. Though I might just naturally need more water; when I went to an ENT I only had ~1/2 to 1 water bottle's worth after being up for ~3 hours and the doc said my cords looked dehydrated.  My urine is also usually light yellow aka juuuust enough color where a person can tell the toilet water is not clean.   So it sounds like I'm not drinking too much.  I remember as a kid being "scared" to being old enough to drink, as I thought I might kill myself because of the volume and speed I could drink non-alcoholic drinks.     So I guess I'm "Team Owen" in my opinion of is too much water possible.
  8. Hi guys,     last week, I went to bed at midnight Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (however you want to look at it), and awoke at 2:30am feeling like I was going to throw up.  Long story short:  I did, and proceeded also had diarhea, fever etc until ~11:30AM.  I however still felt  terrible and just laid on the couch and slept.  My dad got it a few days later so it seems to be making its way through the house, but anyways, although the puking and such was only for a day I didn't feel strong enough to practice singing until Sunday night.      Now I would say that on Sunday I was about 60-70% of what I normally am.  The worst was my upper range in the 5th octave; my cords felt "dry" compared to how they usually felt that high.  I also couldn't "carry chest" as high as I usually can (I haven't stayed up to date with the M terms, but I think I could say I was shifting to M2 earlier than usual?).    Now as of today- 5 sessions since I got better, after missing 5 days of practicing- I feel my voice is ~90% or so.  It still seems like I can't carry M1 as high as I could before.  So I'm wondering, how long does it usually take after an illness to get back to 100%?  I guess I assumed that if time off=time practiced since time off, I should be back to what I was before.   I also must say that this is my first instance with throwing up since becoming a "singer", and I had thoughts of James Labrie the whole time I was throwing up haha.  But I'm 99% sure I didn't injure my chords while I was sick.     Thanks!
  9. Thanks man, I've always had something come up (lost ~30lbs, partially torn rotator cuff) around when I get to 190 or so that always keeps me there. Hopefully when I get my other full-body exercises (squats+deadlifts) back up I can get to 200+.
  10. What would be the danger of using the valsalva technique? I ask because I do use that when I lift because as I understand it it is "proper" technique when heavy lifting (before an injury I was up to squatting ~300lbs for 5 reps, 405 for 1 in deadlift, and I still can do 190lbs for 5 in the bench press, all at 165lbs) and I'm not going to stop doing it, since I don't want to hurt myself lifting and your body is LITERALLY your life. I wouldn't be surprised if all that stuff + singing caused my silent reflux, but hey, I'll take Zypan indefinitely if it means I can keep pushing myself lifting and singing:cool:.
  11. jesus dude, your speaking voice is ridiculous! Talk about being able to tell you are definitely a true bass/baritone and not like the vast majority of guys who subconsciously force their voice lower than it actually is... I can't imagine what you'll sound like when your voice stops changing between ages 25-40:lol:
  12. Hey guys, I was just wondering, how sleep deprived/how many hours of sleep per night do you feel is needed before your technique suffers/you lose some of your range etc? Now this isn't about me personally, as I'm not running on 4 hours of sleep a day or anything, but I'm just curious how much a person should REALLY be focused on getting x amounts of sleep to prevent injury etc. I personally get ~7 hours a night on weekdays, but I'd prefer 8. It's just that I know most places say 7-8 is optimal so I take the 7 so I have an extra hour each day to be productive. I know some people (in fact a lot of famous/successful people) can run off of 4-5, but not me. By Friday I often am tired because of the 5 hours I've missed that I could have got sleeping 8 or more a night. I blame my active CNS which always helped me in speed for sports or lifting heavy weights but is easily affected by variables such as lack of sleep. Once I'm financially independent and get my own place etc and can pretty much tailor my schedule however I see fit (barring work and other necessities of course)I'm going to strive for 8. I'm pretty sure Rob's so busy that there's no way he's getting 8 a night, and I think maybe Phil(?) has mentioned that he only needs 5 or so, but again I'm just curious so I know where to cut myself off to go to sleep even if I'm having a great songwriting session etc. Thanks.
  13. Maybe you don't know, but your post got me thinking. I have yet to fall into a full-time vocalist etc kind of position, performing regular shows etc where I imagine vocal fatigue is going to happen no matter what, similar to professional sports teams having some fatigue before a break in their schedule etc, so I have no first hand knowledge on this matter but.... I'm curious, if you are suffering from vocal fatigue, is there any way to get your voice back without the result just being rest? And does it have to be straight up rest? I know that not every practice session I'm always 100%, but I still practice everyday. Is the level of performing done by touring musicians such an extent where no singing is actually required? I guess this would be one of those times where singing might resemble a sport more than it does an instrument. There's really no such thing as having to take an actual break from guitar unless you come down with carpal tunnel or something.
  14. Not to bump an old as hell thread, but I finally got Zypan. I was being dumb and never bothered clicking the "how to buy" option on the website as I assumed it would just take me to online ordering, but instead I could search by radius to the closest place providing Zypan, and there's a pharmacy ~3 miles from my house . What do you guys follow in terms of when to take it? I started off taking 2 tablets 30 minutes before meals, and I seemed to improve. Then I saw that the label said to take 2 with meals, so I thought I'd try taking two immediately before I started, since I figured it'd be easier than trying to time when I eat. I've been kind of doing a mixture between the two for the past week (aka do it 30 minutes before unless I can't plan ahead) and I seem to be doing ok but the past two days I've had to take an additional one ~1 hour after dinner and the relief is almost instant. I just can't figure out if my last meal aka dinner has been exceptionally large so I needed more pills or what. Any advice? I'd continue to just experiment but the stuff is kind of expensive, I don't want to be spending any more than I have to.