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  1. As everyone has said before, sounds good! sure u can do it better! and dont feel like a retard, just get into the song and have fun One time, my girlfriend dressed a short pants (she hates) just for cleaning the apartment, when i saw her, i started to sing this song (spanish version) changing a word here and there, singing something like "you are wonderful in shorts". I dont know if i hit the notes correctly, but surely i did it with full emotion because i really think she is wonderfull. My advice is not really technical, when you sing you have to feel the song, just be sure to think in someone who move your floor.
  2. Pls upload a picture to your profile before the wrath of Robert come to you! LOL Nice cover! 
  3. If you smoke with proper warmup you can reach 70%, 80% of your performance in a good day. Imagine if you not smoke, all your days gonna be this whitout warm.   Pd: Sorry for my english =P I try at least.
  4. "The file you're looking for has been moved or deleted."        Lol same for me
  5. Someone can upload this nya-apple thing in soundcloud or something like that?. I don't realize because i'm not english speaker and i don't familiar with that sounds.
  6. Thanks guys. The mix sucks because i recorded my voice before to get the track. And when i did the mix, i didnt realize the problem in the mach up . I wanna know if my voice sounds squeaky, i dont know if this is the right way. PD: so many complicated words, I hope you understand me.
  7. Hi there! My name is sebastian and this is my first attempt to record my voice, i dont have a really mic or a correct equipment, just headset mic. By the way the mix sucks. As i said, was my first time recording but i had a lot of fun playing with the mixcraft. I hope to improve, just let me know your critics. Thanks! PD: English is not my native language