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  1. Hey guys i know i havent been around lately but would love to be featured if possible ;P p.s. i did smthing like this with my friends and it worked best when 1 person assigned others to certain parts of the song...and there should maybe be a section where all the voices untertwine...tough 1 person should be in charge of mixing all the vocal in and we would send RAW vocal files to him just a suggestion also it would be cool if we had a cover of Rock And Aid - We are Stars featuring members
  2. isnt it just easier and just more understandable to differentiate the terms like this.... Head voice - is a resonance. Whe in head voice and the glottis is open its falssetto, and when there is adduction its full voice... So in other words, Head Voice is a "place" where the the shades of voice is produced from windy open glottis falsetto up to twangy compressed full voice...and everything in between... I think the problem starts using terms "head voice" and "falsetto" synonimously, which they are NOT...at least not in my opinion...
  3. i think my high note would sob out of lonliness,,,,cuz we havent found each other xD
  4. Do you honestly believe he was born that way? Do you really think a person, who is NOT made to be singing, is born that way by nature? To be good at something that is a product of humans? Do you believe a talent really exists? What about basketball? Are people born to be a good ball handlers?
  5. Lien bottom line is this... Jens is a member on forum who used to break at C4-E4...now he sings up to C6 and above... here is a clip of his cover of on of the hardest songs in metal to sing I think this proves it that practice makes perfect.. if i get even 50% of what he shows here ill be extra happy
  6. you are so wrong....so extremely wrong...you wouldnt believe what kind of stupid noises people do..including celebs...and you dont quack when singing only when training to get that compression and all the benefits of quack VM
  7. Lien i used to cap at E4...breaking like hell...then i trained, and now i can consistently sing up to A4...also i am a Baritone... and i continue to work at my range...lately i am able to go to C5 preety consistently but the tone changes a bit which im trying to work on now... I have no doubt that in a year or two ill get much better and expand my range to sing comfortably high... You said you worked your voice...and thats fine... but did you work on it efficiently?? do you now what twang is, how falsetto will help you develope strong full singing voice in higher range? and other stuff that are daily being disscussed here?? Also how do you know mariah carey, steve perry and others "dont know how they are doing things". ... those people sang daily for 2+ hours imitating their favourite singers before they were famous...you get to know "stars" after they mastered their craft, and unless they told you how they did it you automatically assume they are gifted and got out of womb singing a beautiful high c? no no my friend...practice makes perfect
  8. Tbh i do that exactly what he does..closes and widenes when going higher...and i think thats bad...i think that is one reason why my phonation isnt stable up higher
  9. so you just ignored my zakk wyldee - ozzy osbourne. xD Just kidding
  10. Zakk wylde was insanelly influenced by Ozzy Osbourne. Sometimes you cant even tell the difference. Whiny nasaly phrases and tone really shows when he sings. Stillborn By Zakk Wylde really demonstrates that. On phone so i dont have a will to embed
  11. yea the Bite is super cool for stabilizing the phonation. That alone can make my singing up to A4 super consistent
  12. Embouchure is important to me for this reason. As a begginer it makes singing easier. High notes are easier to perform. But if i am ever able to sing b4 or c5 with whatever embouchure i want, ill do just that. I also dont like openness but it does have its benefits. So i say use it until you dont need it
  13. its not about a scale, its how you do them.. you can exercise a simple 1 3 5 8 scale, and get 10 different results depending on how you execute them. If you do nay nay, you get a light twangy coordination. If you engage more twang and m1 musculature you gain a belty coordination.
  14. Felipe thanks alot for kind words! I must admit i was secretly wishing someone would actually like that clip hahah I will deffinatelly do the whole song Thanks all!!!