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  1. Hey guys i know i havent been around lately but would love to be featured if possible ;P p.s. i did smthing like this with my friends and it worked best when 1 person assigned others to certain parts of the song...and there should maybe be a section where all the voices untertwine...tough 1 person should be in charge of mixing all the vocal in and we would send RAW vocal files to him just a suggestion also it would be cool if we had a cover of Rock And Aid - We are Stars featuring members
  2. Ty guys. Really appreciated. I could have done a better job but i did it in full take and didnt bother to edit bad parts. Gonna do a dream on full cover soon when i get time
  3. Hi guys! Lately im not active on forums as i have alot going on. I dont really practice singing and my "range extending" is put on hold...but i cant just stop singing all together.. So i did a small cover of a Whitesnakes song.. Hope you guys like it...ther are some errors but im fine with them. I wanna know how you like my timbre..and does the distrotion at places sound good https://app.box.com/s/77ef7kc6tw0pc6d02p5qm371y5xgs93k cheers
  4. thanks just the notion that i was in full voice to begin with is a big motivation to me... + i am really sick these days...sore trhorat, cough, and speaking way way low...i can sing down to C2 now xDD cuz of being sick ofc xD thanks again..will try to record again
  5. i dont have a clip of me trying to sing like this but i will try to do it tomorrow.. in the mean time ill present you this,, https://app.box.com/s/gym1ltkfbpkfhuo4ml8071wpe7yyqfcf this is a Rainbow - Temple of the king cover from 3 months ago...notice the A4 at the end and how bad it is... at that time i couldnt do the sirens as you hear them now...thats why i am wondering do they sound Full and convincing
  6. Bassically i want to know if this sounds "decent"...is this the sound that can grow..is this the right way of singung higher. What im trying to do is add lyrics to this.. and it does work but is unstable. In other words, would you say this is falsetto or full voice? I cant explain it very well but i hope you ca understand martin.
  7. So after a long long while i returned to singing and even tough i sang this last year, i wasnt really practicing in a strickt sense of that word. But some good things happened to my voice. I will return to forum in pursuit of more vocal improvement. I wanted to share a small clip of some sirens up to C#5 for your reviewing. I understand this is far from perfect but this is something i havent been able to do before. https://app.box.com/s/xprqtqixm5zym91l4dxxenyr58ddi07d I just wanted to know if im on the right track to gaining vocal range or am i just shooting in the dark. Thanks!
  8. bassically singing ina shower heheh,,,life is kinda hectic so i dont really "practice" pre se, but i do sing as much as i can
  9. isnt it just easier and just more understandable to differentiate the terms like this.... Head voice - is a resonance. Whe in head voice and the glottis is open its falssetto, and when there is adduction its full voice... So in other words, Head Voice is a "place" where the the shades of voice is produced from windy open glottis falsetto up to twangy compressed full voice...and everything in between... I think the problem starts using terms "head voice" and "falsetto" synonimously, which they are NOT...at least not in my opinion...
  10. yea that A4 in the end...that note is crazy for me...sometimes it just comes out and sometimes its impossible.. G#, no problem...but A4 is like a brick wall Thanks bro
  11. wow that means so much to me!!! Any tips to improve, any parts that were iffy?
  12. Hi guys,,, Long time no see... Here is a cover of a Rainbow classic... It was impromptu recording..just plugged the mic and tryed.. That A4 is still so hard for me but i think overall i sing much better now..Range didnt really increase but quiality in general i think is better.. All tips appreciated!! p.s. comment on my tone and timbre a bit...im interested how you guys like my voice p.s.2. ignore the backing vocals...i am tryig to get a hang of harmonies...i couldnt remove them later cuz i deleted raw vocals and had just the mix left..tough one at the end of first chorus i preety nifty xD https://app.box.com/s/gym1ltkfbpkfhuo4ml8071wpe7yyqfcf
  13. i think my high note would sob out of lonliness,,,,cuz we havent found each other xD
  14. Do you honestly believe he was born that way? Do you really think a person, who is NOT made to be singing, is born that way by nature? To be good at something that is a product of humans? Do you believe a talent really exists? What about basketball? Are people born to be a good ball handlers?
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