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  1. so happy for you dear that you have remedied that and found a way out! Just wanna know, so basically your issue has more to do with breathe and a high layrnx? And also, do you feel the pain mainly at like the "voice box/ glottal shock area"? I dont know if i have reflux cuz i never literally have reflux flushing up to my trachea but i do burp a lot (gross alert sorry) thank you so much for your input !!!!
  2. thanks for the response again... it really really helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel quite relaxed doing vocal fry exercises but what i meant was like the feeling of "dryness" rests in the area near where you would feel glottal shocks and vocal fry or a cough... yeah... this sensation has nested in me for a few yrs and it doesn't seem to be problematic except for that feeling in itself... I sought medical attention and the doctor said it could be some sort of harmless spasm but I don't really think so cuz a spasm seems to be at the extreme side of the spectrum.... Thx so much again! r
  3. thank you so much for the patient and detailed reply again!!! My problem is like.... even when I was small like 16 yrs old (4 yrs ago) I have always have this tickle feeling in the throat (not uvala but near the glotta/ layrnx/ vocal fry area) and this feeling comes and goes.... sometimes it comes when i speak but many times it still comes when I am silent for the whole day it essentially isnt like pain ... more like "dry and scratchy"... but my voice quality never changed and I never have gotten any hoarseness and having attended some vocal lessons and buying various singing programs, I still
  4. thank you for the detailed response! yeah I guess I have to really rethink my speaking habits. But I just kinda wonder wll ppl get sore throat like fever sore throat if singing unhealthily? Thanks a lot!
  5. I have been doing research on vocal health since I wanna make sure danger is always at bay and i often hear ppl saying "singing causes me throat pain" etc... btw I wanna know where is "throat pain" felt exactly for wrong technique? is it like the place where you feel sore when you have a cold and get sore throat or is it somewhere down in the throat box where you feel the glottal attack?
  6. i think its very amazing already and you probably are very experienced in it... one extra advice, I often love listening to acapella remixes of different songs on youtube as i can hear clearly how back up singers are harmonizing and that gives me a better idea of everything
  7. I personally love the mum ones a lot more. Perhaps i am doing the "nays" wrong and also perhaps my voice is too bright sounding already (i have been talking in a wrong way for years)... the nay nay nay just adds to the tension for some reaosns... but the mum ones truly gave me freedom
  8. i really love britney spears' "everytime"... i think it isnt healthy but it sounds appealing regardless
  9. Hi everyone! So from all vocal programs i have tried I have heard that the diagastric muscles should never be engaged I have been able to hit high notes with phrases like "mum" or "buy tomato" things like that and my diagastric muscles arent engaged, i.e.the under-chin area is soft but my diagastric muscles always tighten a bit during the /i/ vowel as in "see" and also it kinda moves a little during consonants like /j/ as in 'yes" Is that safe ? and is singing overall safe if i the diagastric muscles aren't engaged? Thanks so much!
  10. thank you so much again on the cannot-be-more-detailed explanation, i am kinda getting a grasp of it!! ohhh thx for the amazon link, i saw it somewhere that it costed like 200 bucks and turn out the book itself is cheaper, i guess i shoulder buy it and dig down deeper!
  11. oh my god, really overwhelmed by the number of responses! thanks ! the fact that there is real feeling when twanging relieves me... I guess i should save up more money to buy the 4 pillars program >< ! in the mean time, have to do with all the avaible info i can find, just another question: so would you use twang in your lower, or like comfortable speaking range too? once again, cant express my thanks enough!!!!!
  12. i have watched his videos , hes really splendid!!! but still its that twang feeling that is left in the dark for me >><<< , thx for your help anyway, appreciate thaty!!!
  13. kinda like the adams apple thingy moved up a bit and stuck a bit upwards but are you supposed to feel anything when twanging?
  14. hi! I have uploaded a pic now! would really appreciate any help you guys can give >< thx!!!
  15. Hi everyone! I think my own voice sounds dull and i followed the CVI book and tried to add some necessary twang i look up many stuff about twang but none addressed exactly how it would feel like i tried the duck sound or other sounds and it feels like theres some movement in my larynx area, feels like it moves to a more forward place but sometimes its just like something is there is this the correct feeling of having twang??? also, is adding twang to speaking voice better for overall health? thanks!!!
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