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  1. ​I agree and disagree. If I hire you to demo a song and tell you I want a Al Green sound then that is what I expect. If you cant do it, then respectfully say you cant do it or wont do it. Now if we are writing a song together and its YOUR song, then by all means, do your thing and make it your own. It depends on the situation.
  2. Thanks for all of the replies. I have recorded a lot of artist and I have never seen anything like this before. I wish I could post the session - but due to legal reasons I cant. Not only was his timing off, he repeatedly added words that were not on the lyric sheet. It was like he had a stuttering problem. If any of you are golfers - it was like watching Charles Barkley's swing ...LOL He had over 2 weeks to learn the verse/song so he had more than enough time to learn it. He had the track and scratch vocals. I ended up getting someone else to do the song. They came in, heard it one time and killed it! We were done in a whopping 30 minutes. I spoke to the young man today and he was very apologetic. He said he was really nervous. He also said he has a problem singing other peoples songs (I wish he would have told me that before hand). I am still going to work with him because he has potential. Thanks again for all the replies. I have been reading through the forum and it looks like it has a lot of useful information. And regarding the Avatar/Profile Pic - funny, very funny! Take care and thanks again.
  3. Hi, I am working with a pretty talented young man that can sing reasonably well, I mean, he can sing his own songs well. We were in the studio over the weekend working on a song he did not write and it was one of the worst sessions I have ever had. His tempo was off, pitch was off, he was a totally different person than I worked with before. After several agonizing hours I decided to take a break. We was embarrassed and I was frustrated. I left the track playing in the back ground and he started singing one of his songs. It was perfect. Thinking he found his mojo I immediately jump back on the boards and told him to sing the verse to the other song ............ terrible! I know he wasn't faking it because there was too much money at stake. But he just couldn't get it. I have never seen anything like this before. I even had him try singing one sentence at a time hoping I could piece something together, and still nothing. Has anyone ever experienced this? If so, How did you correct it? At the end of the session I had him sing the song he wrote and it was incredible. The songs weren't that much different from each other. When he left I was stumped! Any suggestions?