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  1. Hey Felipe I tried but I can't join somehow I get an error
  2. Hey thanks for the reply, yes I worked a lot on it I think about 2 years, but I tried more pure head voice stuff lately so I didn't sing In this voice that much. What is the difference from this to a more rob halford approach? I always felt like it is something different and what i do it isn't pure Head voice. I want to learn both to be more versatile.
  3. killer man, probably my favourite performance of Bruce. One of Maidens coolest tracks for sure!
  4. Hey guys I am sorry to reply after all this time, I have 2 videos one hells bells cover and one scream. Is this mixed voice? Because I always thought it is. Am I using the techniques we were talking about and it's just my voice that sounds so different, or is this something different? Thanks in advance guys :).
  5. in this video jens explains a couple things and i have have the primal sounds down, be it the crazy ape, the evil laugh or a kid. But i am not able to go to the next step with it and sing in that register, i am either overthinking everything as always, or i am missing something.
  6. Yeah, I am just confused because of Ken tamplin. He says Ian Gillan and Rob Halford are using just head voice (which is a falsetto with a bright ping and good chord closure for him) even on pretty low notes. But his whole approach for head voice doesn't work for me on open vowels. If I sing painkiller in a mix it sounds totally different than what Rob is doing and the same goes for shattered by Pantera for example, Phil sounds pretty weird on this song to be honest, but how do they do that, that specific part of there voice. Rob uses that voice in devils child and the sentinel for example. It almost sounds like a scream some gospel singers do.
  7. I am always practicing very hard songs in belt mode, that's probably why I am feeling it is too exhausting. Back in black or hells bells in belt mode is very hard. Yes I have tried lip trails, but haven't for a long time.
  8. OK I will try the exercise. Mdew so I am am going to sing closed vowels with "pure head voice" and the open ones with a mix (in the high range)? I have been doing that before, before I am really warmed up. One more question, the falsettoish tonal quality of the screams from guys like Rob Halford, Phil Anselmo, Eric Adams and such, does this come over time from practicing the high range alot or is there some kind of vocal effect they are using, because if I am using twang or cry in my mix, it doesn't sound right very often. I know that it is really hard work to get there, I just wasn't sure if I am doing it right, or if there is some other "register" for these really high screams. Thank you very much for your help
  9. Which exercises would you recommend for building these muscles?
  10. Hey Guys, i am really struggling to make progress with my high screams. I bought Ken Tamplins course a while back and studied and praticed to it alot, my singing doesn't have much to do with his though, because it never really worked out for me. The head voice part just lacked alot of information. I can't sing aaah or aeh in head voice. Above around d5 it just cracks at it feels really bad. I am doing pretty good with all the other vowels, the female soprano voice works well etc. its just that i feel like i can't even make my headvoice stronger because i can't open it up. I can go higher with an open vowel, but i have to use a mix or have to use insanly high effort in comparison to the other vowels to get higher. I really want to learn to sing better in head voice, guys like Chris Cornell, Rob Halford, Ian Gillan and many more are my inspiration. I can get a pretty powerfull sound on the highs but it is much too exhausting, because i think i am pulling my middle voice that high. It doesnt have the same soundquality aswell. Jens Viktor Johannson is amazing with these screams for example.
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