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  1. Robert I also saw that dio breakdown using cvt modes. And i get Felipes point as none of the CVT modes as demonstrated sounds nowhere close to the sounds like DIO or Pavarotti uses. Yet they claim these singers use these sounds or modes. I know ive personaly been big on supporting CVT modes in the past. But im honestly starting to doubt them, sure when we can apply DIO or Pavarotti as examples for a program it's gonna sound awesome. But the truth is neither of them used CVT and ive yet to hear a CVT singer come anywhere close. In regards to CVT we have been spolied on this fo
  2. Cmon man classical singers and musicalsingers are the same... Its not a natural sound by any means. If it was natural it wouldnt take 10-15 years of singing and singingtechnique to become a great classical/musical singer. Sounds are sounds, there are natural sounds the sound babies make. They are in manyways closer to deathmetal vocals then what you hear in pop/rock/musical/classical.
  3. Well it really proves his point. Adele goes up to E5 and thats her signum and why people listwn to her for, her power and control over her range up to E5. Shes not famous for her falsetto/headnotes up to C/D6. same with Bon Jovi or most rockers above E5 ish it's mostly screams and effectnotes. what bon jovi is famous for is his great tone and powerfull singing up to E5ish like living on a prayer
  4. It's a challenge then! The big Kamelot vocalcover challenge! There are tons of instrumentals out on the tube so take your pick
  5. But thats true for every pro out there, i hear that thing for every good singer and recording. Ofc the mix will be good, ear training or not, regardless if you are given prolevel mixes people like you and me wont sound like Khan. Then if you truly know how to nail these sounds mix or no mix please show me as im certainly intrested in this. Khan is one of My favourite singers and getting close to what he has would be great.
  6. Cmon draven... Guys a firstclass singer... Regardless of mix, his timbre and emotion is crazy strong. Also be glad you ducked out on the gig, the guys shoes are crazy hard to fill. Very unique style he sings with. They got the best replacement they could with tommy karevik, wich is very similar both in appearence and style. Though he's not as emotional singer as Roy even though his technique is stronger
  7. I totaly disagree. Copy something that already supergood like journey or acdc is much much easyer then comming up with something of your own and be original. Specially if we talk about stuff in the class of journey and acdc. Everyone keeps say its easy to just be yourself and that there is only you and your unique. bah sure on a biological level, but aside from that it's just fairytails. Its very similar to extremesports, some tricks are impossible. Then all off a sudden someone does it, and then everyone starts doing them
  8. It's a vocal register in the voice the whistleregister or vocalmechanism m3. Everyone has it but it's hard to train
  9. there are many males aswell, but the point still stands. Notes higher then C5 is usually "effect" notes or stuff to wow people. Its usually not the hardest stuff to do either, just look at Dio, his songs rarely go above C5 and are (*auto edit*) crazy hard to sing well. Because of how well and dynamic/powerfull he sings
  10. He's only counting the notes that sound great thehe
  11. Well the thing is, hand on heart a big range like that most of it's gonna be noise. Range in a sense is just wanking, what truly matters is usualy A2-D5 and your ability to use dynamics and emotion in that range. Give or take a few notes depending on genre or gender. Getting a good singing timbre and an intresting voice that people notice is much harder then getting a huge range. There are tons of guys and girls with crazy ranges despite being good sound like karaoke machines. Ive got that issue myself and it's something im working on, and thats so much harder then burping out highnotes
  12. Well since Draven said everything the Ta is engaged in is fullvoice that makes my range G1-G7 fullvoice edit: Yes im trolling abit, cause i hate the term fullvoice
  13. Nah, the issue is you want compressed air or the correct ammount of airpressure for the sound you are intending to make. it's not about the ammount of air...
  14. It's a shame this entire thing is extremly vowelmodified then hehe, Cmon All the Ah vowels are Uhhh shaded. I dont think i heard any pure vowel only Ah with diffrent shades of Uh. Great singer however probably great coach aswell
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