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More c5s. Hey, who, we, aww

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just going to post these here to document where I am at the moment. This is still without any focused training. I am trying to get myself to lock down some focused training so hopefully I can come back and compare in a month and blow these feeble efforts away.


C5  5-22-16  https://clyp.it/qo1hlxcg

different vowel, about a month ago https://clyp.it/4opbmxzu


Done very hastily with one foot out the door. The last vowel was supposed to be "aww" but I probably cant hit that at c5 yet...so it just went into whatever other vowel that is. It actually sounds like a weaker version of the "love" that I hit a month ago lol.


Like I said, these 4 vowels were done very hastily as I was walking out the door. The "who" and "we" were one take. The other 2 took several takes and still werent THAT great.

This is the edge of my capabilities. Im barely getting those notes and cant hit vibrato on them. The last vowel cracked a few tiimes etc. The "who" wasnt that hard. Again, since this was done hastily, I wasnt thinking of technique so I probably did this and that wrong since I havent trained enough for it to be automatic. So maybe I can be 5 percent better with a good warmup etc but this is pretty much where my c5 is right now.


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