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Review My Singing - RnB

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Baloydi Lloydi

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Hey Bayloydi,

Sorry for the delay. I have been consumed with the Vocal Athlete Intensive here in Seattle. Thanks for your patience.

  • Great that you are videoing your singing.. you get more information and learn more that way.
  • Don't put your hands in your pocket, it is bad form. you need your hands to express yourself and give you physical balance. It also looks super amateur when you do that. Do you want people to think your bored when your singing, or that your into it?  Get your hands out of your pockets!
  • I like the way you maintain the resonance on your "with you"s... you maintain the compression through that phrase and that could be a part of the song that would give a lot of people problems, but you intuitively knew to maintain that narrowed position and keep resonating. VERY GOOD!
  • Your rhythm and feel for groove is great.
  • Your intonation is pretty darn good as well. A few spots are a hair flat, but overall.. really good.

I don't have a lot of critique feedback for this other then pointing out what I liked. I think your a great singer and this performance was very well done. VERY WELL DONE BAY!

Are you from the Philippines ( just a hunch )?  Where are you located? Do you have a voice coach? What is your story? 

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