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Please Review My Niece - She Used to Be Mine from Waitress

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I came across this site and want to ask for feedback for my niece. She is 16, has been taking voice lessons for a couple of years, and wants to be a singer (preferably on Broadway). She just competed in a local talent show, and my sister got a recording of her song, "She Used to Be Mine" from Waitress. I would appreciate your reviews - both positive and constructive - so I can share them with her to help her continue to improve her talent. Thanks so much!


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Hello Lynn,

I have actually coached this song with my young theater students as well. I have some experience with this song.

  • Pretty voice with much potential  to be sure.
  • However,...
  • This is being sung way too light and windy. Does she have a Classical oriented, choir oriented voice coach? 
    • Super windy and weak.
    • Sound colors and energy befitting of singing in a choir, NOT singing as a soloist which is what she has to do with this song.
  • The support is so weak as a matter of fact that the intonation is barely hanging on... pitch is in and out. Not because your niece has any issues with her ears, but because there is no leverage or anchoring behind the mechanism, causing it to just sort of ,... blow around in a light, windy choral approach.
  • The ending is nice.

I'd give it a B.

I think she can get a LOT more out of her voice than this.

I would be happy to coach her on this song and make it come to life. 

Just reach out.. 

Coach Robert

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