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As a beginner who has never taken a singing lesson, I'm curious to know whether my voice is even worth the effort and expense of investing in training.

To that end, I've recorded and uploaded some songs [REMOVED 05JUN2009] and would appreciate any insight anyone might care to give.


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Hi Tom, you sound pretty darn good. I am impressed that you sing with your natural voice and are not pushing to reach a higher range than you would be comfortable...

My advice is to keep singing and you will improve. "Red River Valley" and "Adeste Fideles" I do hear some pitch issues... When you hear your playback can you hear the spots where you are pitchy? If you can, then you should correct those areas. " Moonlight Bay" is very pitchy...."They didn't believe me" is better; but areas of continued pitch issues.

How is your hearing in general?

I have developed a product that might be able to help you if you have pitch problems. Its quite effective.


The answer to your question above..yes, your voice is worth training; you have more potential than you think.

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90% of everyone you see can learn to sing. In fact most people can learn to sing amazing if they have the right coach and techniques. vocal training is an athletic endeavor. Its much to do with building strength and coordination of your body and certain muscles. If you practice, you will become much better. Any voice lesson you have will probably help you. Just get started, I assure you that you will sound great and get much joy out of it.

Glad to have you here and reach out...


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My sincere thanks to those who replied to this post.

Vamacoustics -- Thank you for answering my question and for pointing out the pitch issues. Rest assured I am working on that.

Robert -- Thanks much for the encouraging words. You are correct that vocal training is an athletic endeavor and improvement depends on correct and consistent exercise of the muscles involved. Singing is indeed fun, and I do intend to continue. And I want you to know that I absolutely love TMV!


I will be removing the vocals from my page at the end of next week. By then they will have both served their purpose and become somewhat dated.

My best to all.


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