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Hammer to Fall and When You Love a Woman

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"Hammer to Fall" is one of my favorite Queen songs and one they wrote for the movie "The Highlander." You hear it in the scenes where the Viet Nam vet is riding around with an arsenal in the trunk of his Camaro.

And you really did this song well. The key thing for me lately has been breath management and you've got it. YOu sang it like he did and you have a similar voice type, which could be two independent factors. That is, you don't sound like a carbon copy of Freddie but you can sing like him and have a similar lyrical voice.

Equally well done was "When You Love a Woman." It can be more difficult to do a slow ballad, as it will show the weaknesses in a less well-trained voice. Up-tempo songs like "Hammer To Fall" can hide a number of sins because of the pacing, the sonic envelope of the music, etc. But this is more like a torch song. And I think you did it well, too.

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