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All American Rejects "It Ends Tonight"

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And absolutely no one commented on this. Hmmm ....

Well, no critique is good news, right? I couldn't hear anything wrong with this. This song is well suited for your voice or vice versa, your voice sounds really good on this song, even better than your other submission.

Which gets to a point of mine that no one wants to give heed to.

Song or material choice. You have to choose songs that fit your voice and professional singers do just that. They do not sing what does not work with their voice.

You can sing one sing in a certain key and hit one over the wall and right out of the park. And sing another song, in just about the same key and hit nothing but grounders.

Because, a song is not just scales on an open vowel. It is lyrics and melody and phrasing. Which can't be taught or exercised.

I am reminded of Jaime Vendera, who, by his own admission, spent a long time trying to sing and sound like Steve Perry from Journey and never making it. One day, he tried "The Immigrant Song" by Led Zepellin and found his niche. Different song style, different lyrics, different intent.

So, you did well on this song. Not just on the performance of it, but in choosing it in the first place, as it fits with your voice and vice versa.

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I appreciate the feedback. Definitely agree with you that song choice is key. There are so many tunes out there that are just fun to sing or that even have a special meaning so you want to sing them, but the voice doesn't fit the song. My wife usually does a pretty good job at telling me "don't ever sing that again". ;) Usually if it's a song I just really want to do then I'll cheat by dropping it down 1/2 or 1 step but sometimes that too can take away from the way the song comes across to the listener.

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