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A new song by "Pokrovsk Alliance" is out now

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  • 2 weeks later...


A draft for another hard rock song is ready. The song is called "She's waiting for you" and tells everyone that sometimes there's no need to be the winner to deserve the love of one's mistress. Of course, this song is not dedicated to losers )) The lyrics is as follows. Criticism and suggestions to improve the text are welcome.

Verse 1

You’re handsome and full of light,

You’re young, but sometimes a feeling comes over you

Your battle is lost.

As fast as the wind tonight,

You’re ready to win, you’re stronger than ever knew,

You’ve counted the cost.

Verse 2

But something went wrong again,

You’re down on your knees, there’s no time to run away,

You seem to be stuck.

You think that you live in vain,

No way, cause your love will surely help find the way,

Get rid of bad luck.


Fly on the wings of love,

Your mistress still waits for you,

No matter who’s won.

Don’t waste your time in rove,

There’s nothing you have to prove,

There’s nowhere to run.

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Wanna present a new song "Not alone" by "Pokrovsk Alliance" with my voice.

The video can be found here:

I'd be glad to hear something about the song and my singing from you. Thanks.

Kind of a synth-pop version of Scorpions. I liked it.

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Don't get me wrong, you had some heavy parts but the mix was more synth-pop than the raw, nervous mix of "heavy metal."

I honestly think you could be the next Klause Meine / Scorpions and not just because you have a similar sound. You have a similar songwriting vibe and sound vibe. And, just as well. Scorpions have said that "Sting in the Tail" is their final album and they my retire from touring. Someone has to fill the void of hardcore european heavy metal (I know you are slavic or russian but you know what I mean. In fact, I tend to think you are russian because of the name of your band, as well as the version of cyrillic spelling your video reverts to. Although you could be ukrainian, because of the similarity of spelling and the dialect.)

All you need to do is quit fiddling around and start shopping an album of your best stuff. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy seeing your submissions here but you should be out there, selling albums and doing sold-out shows.

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