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Did a full cover of a Dream Theater song: "Disappear". Feedback?

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Steven Converse

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Edit: LOL at how freaky the snapshot of me looks. Damned watercolor effect! :P

Hey guys, I don't really consider myself a singer, but am still trying to improve my voice. I suppose reverb and effects do wonders to mask shitty technique. :P

Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with how this cover turned out. Let me know what you think, and of course let me know if you have any technical advice. Thanks!



Also, about the effects (visual)...I tried to experiment with changing the visual theme for the different sections of the song. I dunno, it looked pretty cool on my computer (imo)..haha! Sorry if it annoys you!

Gearwise, I used Guitar Rig 4 for all the effects processing (including the slight overdrive on the voice at one point), and my John Petrucci Signature for the little bit of electric guitar, courtesy of the Mark IV. (No, I'm not rich..I just worked my @$$ off in high school. :P

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That was a great performance! Nice job. Your vocals are really good. The only thing I would say that in the first part of the song your vocals seemed held back - tenous - at times. Toward the end you let loose more with the vocals and that sounded really good. Great job at the end.

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