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Queen - Love Of My Life

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Excellent natural tone in your voice.

Don't force the jaw down, let it hang loose. Free up the larynx. Don't hold it down for all notes, just some, especially in the lower end.

And, Lilli Lehmann was right. Very rare is the case of too much nasal. Too often to be counted is the absence of the use of nasal cavities. Sing where you can feel a buzz on the front of your face, right between the eyes. You will not sound nasal but it will sharpen the resonance. This will bring out more of your natural volume and timbre, though keeping the larynx low does bring out some nice overtones.

You may also find that by allowing more access to your head resonance, the falsetto flip may smooth over and disappear and you have a solid, connected headtone that is full, yet light.

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