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"Sweet Curse" ReVamp - Acoustic Cover...

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I might be wrong, which has never stopped me before. I hear a bit o' the irish in ya. Might you be from the Green Isle (Erin go Bragh!)? If so, you've gone to a place that Loreena McKennitt has yet to go.

I don't know if you are fishing for compliments, or what. But this is an excellent recording and should be on an album. Excellent recording mix. Unlike others, I'm not going to ask what you think needs fixing as, from my ears, nothing needs fixing. You have "it" and should spend your time more wisely getting this material released. Since it's a cover, get your attorney (you should have one, if you don't, already) to go ahead and pay the mechanical copyrights and get this thing released.

I don't know, maybe you are amateur and just had a friend with a good ear mix this. Keep him as your producer, whatever he/she wants to be paid. He/she has your voice, down cold. Really, truly.

Or, as I like to ask, what you are doing here?

We have other pro singers in here. James Lugo has recorded with Nazereth and I think he's working on his solo album, right now. Alessandro is on tour with Dream Theater (yes, that Dream Theater.)

One of our other members is the opening act for Molly Hatchet (which is a big deal for someone like me from the southern states of the USA.) Me, I'm nobody and, at that, I'm on borrowed time, but I know a good sound when I hear one.

Get with it, girl.

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