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Feedback on my Progressive Metal Vocals

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I dig the tune on youtube...nice job...very Iron Maiden sounding...great work...convincing... You guys have the music and voice...get your guitarists to rock out bend there bodies back and forth or something...your bass player does it once and a while; but is all alone and does it in small spurts...you have a good stage presence; work on the rest of the dudes.

The song on your Myspace "Infinity of Pain" is great...you sing it for the most part very well. Songs are too long thou for my taste....One thing that I will comment on is when you reach for the high notes...like the chorus Infinity of Pain its hard to make out what your saying most of the song...you seem a bit a week when you are singing in the very beginning...your comfort zone seems the high power scream singing...work on developing more texture and tone in your softer singing voice as well as work on strengthening your breathing; bring the air up from your diaphragm, you have not fully developed that technic..It seems to me you are singing in part diaphragm & chest; focus more on diaphragm...this does not come from just singing during rehearsals..you will need to strengthen your voice on your own time doing vocal excercises... I recommend www.thevoiceconnection.com and check out the book on techiques "The Ultimate Breathing Workout" is a 9-step exercise system designed to strengthen your lungs, diaphragm, abdominal muscles while improving your lung capacity, breath support and sustain time.


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