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Point me in the right direction?

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Hey guys, the singer in my band recommend that I come here and post a sample of my vocals with the idea that you guys would be able to point me in the right direction on how to improve! I have done backing vocals live for a few years now, but I really don't know how well I stay in key and honestly I think I sound pretty awful.. you have been warned! This was my fourth attempt today, I would have done more but didn't think it was any better than the first three.

All I added was a bit of compression, the extra drive is there because I had the tube on my Presonus preamp turned up too much without realising. I recorded this with an SM57, I do have some cheaper LDC's but then I couldn't sing along to music coming out of my speakers (due to feedback), and living in an apartment building I'm too shy to sing loudly with headphones on!

Please forgive my off phrasing, bad mic technique and terrible singing! Any and all pointers would be hugely appreciated, thanks!!


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Listening to your file... Kinda reminds me of Tom Petty... well, in a minimalistic sort of way, I like your voice. Its "folky". Uhm... for starters, it is sometimes hard to give advise on singing when the bed track (the song) is so basic and simple in its melodic structure that it never challenges your voice. Something I see from time to time. Can you upload something that is more challenging that doesn't just kind of pedals around the same three notes for the same song? This is not a slight on you, its just the song is not featuring anything for you.

Having said that, my gut tells me to advise you to think about holding your phrases out a little longer. You might be a little quick to jump off the note... try holding your notes for a measure longer when possible.

Hope this helps... if you would like more information about how to really sing great, I can invite your to view my popular vocal training book/DVD/CD system titled, "The Four Pillars of Singing" 2.0. Here is the link:


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Hey flybeereligion, I agree with Robert, I hear potential in this kind of vocal style, but you tend to peter out your phrases downward and don't sustain many notes, that is unless you did the vocal harmonies, which were higher and more sustained.

I'd suggest potentially just focusing on sustaining longer notes, with the best breath support you can, within your comfortable range as a really effective exercise. Try to either find a really slow scale exercise, that requires maintaining notes, or create one yourself and try to match pitch on piano/guitar, even a computer software if you have none can be used. The key will be trying to match with as much precision as possible and maintaining it.

Other than that, lessons, or one of the voice programs would be good, Robert extended his hand, I can't speak from experience, but I'm pretty sure he's quite good at what he does.

Above all else, keep working on comfortable sounds. My philosophy is it's wiser to try to polish what you have and make what you already have more comfortable to sing, than to shoot too far above what you can currently do in ignorance. Take things slow.

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