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"The Walking Dead" star in my music video

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Hi guys. This is my first original song.

The video took a lot of work and is like a mini-movie.

My friend Sonya Thompson from “The Walking Dead” guest stars in it.

It also has 30 actors, Martial Arts and BLOOPERS .

I hope you enjoy!


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Awesome, indeed.

In the martial arts class, those moves looked like the stuff I learned in Aiki-jujutsu (a hybrid style of Aikido and Jujutsu I learned from instructor Mr. Robbins at SMU.) Was it that or Aikido you were working on?

And I always enjoy bloopers. Whenever I watch a DVD, I watch the bonus features for the gag reel of outtakes. Jackie Chan always ends his movies with outtakes where you see stunts that did not go off as planned. Or the TV show, "Psych," where the actors riff and improvise to keep themselves loose.

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Thank you for the comment @Keith.

Thanks @ronws. My dad is an Aikido Sensei. He is the first person shown throwing a student in the video. He has had me on the mat since I was 3 (got those pictures on my facebook). That is how he met my mom. He lived in Japan for 7 years while he studied Aikido.

We had so much fun making the video that we just had to add on the bloopers to let the viewers see behind the scenes.

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