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Youtubers you should check out

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Per original post, the same guy, about a year ago or so, also auditioned for Dragonforce when they were looking for a new vocalist after ZP Theart left. I had considered auditioning, but alot of their songs are really tough to sing, though I can do it, I had wondered if I could do it consistently for 90 minutes or more every night. I am still thinking of doing a cover of this song, lol. Anyway, here is the same guy with his Dragonforce audition.

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You are a star, bro. Hearing this again, I could some Tate-ish sounds in your voice. I don't know if it's partly due to the mix, or what. For example, when you mix my voice, I hear things I didn't know I had. Then, again, I absolutely stink at recording and mixing, which may actually be a hearing problem that I didn't know I had.

But I digress (seems to be my day to wander off on tangents.)

And I better understand the point of the thread, now. Sorry for bringing Iced Earth. They are not unknown, at least here, in this forum. Heck, even I knew that Matt was retiring from Iced Earth to stay close to his family and they have been looking for a new singer who can tour extensively.

I don't follow youtube too much and what would the parameters be? A minimum number of subscribers to one's channel? I'm not known to anyone so I would be excluded from this as an example of an "unknown" getting popularity for my cover of any particular song. NO biggie.

But it is a cool thread idea.

For those who don't know my brother, he's had a few bands. He has written music for businesses. He has produced and recorded other bands. He's in the biz. Though I haven't bothered to look and see how many subscribers his channel has.

Then again, with a certain number of subscribers, is one less "unknown" than before?

I'll shut up, now.


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