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I'd seriously love ANY feedback on my voice

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Hey everyone,

I'm Erik. I have a big passion for singing but I feel I've never received any genuine feedback... that's exactly what I want. I want to hear people's opinions. My strengths, my weaknesses, ANYthing anyone has to say!

Here is my YouTube channel:


If you could check out any of my videos and let me know in a comment or a reply on here, I would be overjoyed! :)



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Yeah, you have a nice tone! One thing you might consider working on is being able to control your volume in the middle of notes and phrases. At the moment, it sounds like each phrase is quite uniform in dynamics, and the notes tend to start at full volume and end quickly. It might help you get even more expression if you practise starting a note quietly and swelling in volume, then dialling back the volume again all on the same note.

Keep singing!

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Wow thank you guys so much!

It's feedback like that that encourages me and motivates me to keep trying hard and hopefully improve!

I will continue to post more videos as I improve on my voice as well as my guitar skills :)


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You have a nice tone, you just need some training with a good vocal coach.

For now you can try this:

Live every words of your song... get into the story... I don't feel any passion!

Study other singer's body faces mimics, how they put emotion into their voice and body

Lift your cheeks instead of opening your mouth jaw down

Relax your neck and sing with a piece of thread on your head down your chin, try to not move the thread. Your air is going out you mouth and throat instead of contracting your abdomen and push that air up your forehead cavities.

Yes we have 2 cavities behind the forehead skull that serves as our human speakers, if you push your air only as far as the nasal cavities you will sound nasal, sing as if you had to sing to someone on the second floor of a building.

Don't forget your abdomen has a diaphragm that can contract and push air up as if you are jumping up, have the impression that your sound is getting out of your head not your mouth. Try saying "get out" as if you where very mad and touch your stomach you will see the thread will not move ...this is where the singing voice is.

For more free tips you can visit my web site thesingingjudge.com I also explain my technique for free

Don't forget singing is a team work, music+body+mind+spirit+voice

Emotion 75% and 25% voice

Someone with great emotion will make it big, someone with only a great voice won't

Don't give up!

Why don't you try to write your own songs since you're a musician, it takes a few chords and a few lyrics and boom! You got your own song....



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