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New here...showing you guys who I am!

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Hello! Found this forum just recently..you guys really got it all down here with a lot of different perspectives..great stuff!

All right! This is the band that I front it is some kind of Glam/party vibe rock with a lot of melody.



In some songs I aimed for a more raspy tone quality and in some I go for a straight through clean tone. Example. Compare Busy or Flavoured by tragedy to Catch me or bad boy gigolo. I think Im gonna go for that little rasp in the future recordings I dont know...what do you think sounds the best? Any input would be nice...regarding anything!

I can also tell you guys my main influenses...i dunno if they shine through but Ive been heavily inspired by singers like Lou Gramm and Paul Rodgers. Sometimes people also tell me I got some kind of Paul Stanley thing to my voice..im not really sure 'bout that but I do like Paul.

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I will reply to you because you are a Paul Stanley fan...me too brother....

To be honest; you have some pretty darn good capabilities with range. The enunciation is the problem for me. I would like to hear the words sung more crisp...

"Cut me up"- cool tune; you sound good man....My problem is not your vocal ability its more of a critique that I would like to hear you sing and enunciate the words instead of trying to sound like Green Day English accent stuff. Forgive me if you actually do have a English accent.

"Filthy memory" definitely has some Paul Stanley influence.

You are a young guy; your voice will mature; do not stick to the same type of music; diversify tour voice...sing some lower register stuff too; you have a nice mastery of the high notes; real test is to control a lower register like "More Than Words" by Extreme...

Keep rocking, you'll do well. Study the words and phrasing and really say the words and don't try to sound English.(my opinion)

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Hi and Welcome to TMV. You will find lots of information here and some good advice as well. :)

I concur with the previous poster in saying that you are singing more solidly in the higher range. I would suggest more knowledge on the foundations of singing. ie: support (which will help with pitch in lower range), expanding range, control, phrasing/diction/flow of words while singing. Get those things in place and you will see a whole new world open up for you! Once you have mastered those things, you can move on to tweeking the sound you want for different songs. :)

Keep working at it.


Rock on....

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