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My first Audio sample

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Hey Guys,

Been here for a really long time and never posted an Audio of me singing.

Just might as well)

Please tell me what you think.




P.S. This is my take on one of the Josh Groban songs - don't laugh

P.P.S. The whole thing was recoreded on my cell phone - appologies for a poor recording quality

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Well, without music and recorded on a cell phone doesn't do you any favors. It makes it a little difficult to comment on, I suppose that is why no responses. :) But I thought your voice sounded nice and the tone was good. Pitch was pretty good. It sounded a tiny bit strained in some spots and when you go to the word "smile" at 15 seconds something happened there...it was like you set up for it, took a running start then leaped! It was a little choked/strained. Pretty nice though overall. Get some music to it :)

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