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Please critique my Voice/technique/and song writing

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Hey Guys.

The following are 3 songs I recorded recently. I would love to get some input, critique, and any tips you've got on my voice, my singing technique, my song writing, and anything else you might want to add. :)



I Can't Believe - http://soundcloud.com/user206400908/i-cant-believe-original-song/s-kbYz3


Now is the time - http://soundcloud.com/user206400908/now-is-the-time-original-song/s-mZ3CN


Thank you -


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6 one way, half a dozen, the other way, as far as autotune. Too much can kill vibrato and dynamics. In this forum, we pride ourselves in not using autotune, to show that our pitch is good as a matter of technique, singer's integrity, whathaveyou.

However, in professional recording, everything is autotuned. And these songs have professional level production values, as far as I can tell. So, applause for your recording and producing abilities. In fact, many times, I think we should have had a section for critiquing recording and editing skills. But it would probably not go very far since this is a singer's forum, rather than a forum for independent label recording.

Good songs, all of them. And bright and cheery. Not hint of lament or pain in any of them.

"I Can't Believe" - definitely a keeper. Untold numbers of women will buy this and sing along because you are singing to them, they just know it. Easy to remember melody and lyrics, anthemic chorus. And in a range most of them can handle.

"Now is the Time" - Journey could have written the music and Midnight Oil could have written the lyrics. The socially conscious song of the set. But still, filled with hope.

"Thank You" - excellent grooving country cross-over pop. Kind of a devotional or contemporary christian feel to it with the lyrics of guardians and thankfulness for one's blessings. And, of the 3 songs, I like your voice best on this one. You sounded confident and you put some guts into it.

Good songwriting, in all matters. Musical arrangement, vocal line, definitely middle of the road pop.

Like Owen, my songwriting is different. However, I think there is still room for commercial success while expressing something not quite "mainstream." My writing is darker.

You definitely have the goods to be releasing to the general public. And like Owen, I think I would, as a listener and fellow musician, prefer to hear a little less processing on the vocals, to get more of a sense of the dynamics. Which, again, is an aesthetic preference on my part. You might release these exact recordings and make millions of dollars.

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How can you tell it's autotuned? :/

I was impressed by the songs and I thought the singing was good. If I had one critique it would be that I found them too wordy. I think there is a way (I don't know how...it would take some imagination) to configure the lyrics so they favor good vowel placement or a bit more melodic etc. For example, and this is just an example mind you. In Thank you "you have given me all you can" to me sounds like too many words and I personally, if I were singing it, can't really feel the music in my voice for the word "given." Maybe " You gave me all you had" or something? Good stuff though. Did you write that music also?

By the way, speaking of music. I thought the vocals in Now Is the Time started early or off the beat or somehting. Could be just me though.

Again....good stuff though. I'm just nit picking. :)

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Hey Guys.. Wow!!! Thanks for the compliments and your host opinion!

Owen: I agree with you 100%, I too hate that auto tune. These songs will have to be-remixed to remove that auto tune effect. Regarding the vowels, you are absolutely right. I have never dwelled into modifying the vowels. I should try that, but how do I know which ones are closed vowels?

Ronws: Wow dude. Thank you so much for your compliments. Journey? Really? :) Funny thing about "Thank you" It not a gospel song. It was written as a thank you to my parents for everything they have done for me. You will understand why i use the term guardians in the sky when you know my profession is a pilot ;)

Tommy: Thanks! The sentence you were referring to is "You have given me everything you can". Dont know how "you gave me all you had" would fit with the melody. Yes, i wrote the lyrics and music, and you are absolutely right regarding that first beat. Bugs the crap out of me ;) The word "religion" sounds a bit offbeat to me.. And I love nit picking! I want perfection!:cool:



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