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The great hazzard... "Owner of a lonely heart" Yes

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Sometimes you love a song so much that you want to try it... altough it's impossible.

This is my attempt... I hope not disastrous.

I'm at my vocal limits ... and in some point .. I have no more...

but.. this is..


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Fairly good - I enjoyed it. One of my favourite songs.

The problems I can hear are:

* some notes are cut short

* your accent is obvious in many places

* It is straining the top of your range in afew places, such as around 2'15 and 4'10. There are exercises you can do to extend your range, and also, you could just choose different material. I couldn't sing up that high myself.

I think that often singers want to emulate a famous singer, and so want to sing their songs like they do. But, we all have different voices. You need to find your own voice, not be a copy of someone else. I have posted quite a lot of original material on this site, and a few covers. I always a lot happier with my originals, they are my voice, not a copy of someone else.

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Thanks George,

I took this song. more like an exercise... not pretending anything

I know it's at the top of my range, this track like something else I posted here,

I heve a lot of material I sing in my voice, much comfortable, but.. sometimes I like to explore my limits and find a way to overcome them.

I would like to know something more about the exercises you could suggest me to work on the extension.

At the moment I only sing cover (I'm not a composer) and usually using backing tracks that ... force a bit the interpretation. When I have the chance to work with a group or with a different arrangement I have more chance to personalize the track.

Thanks for your listening and your comment. :)

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My accent is terrlibly italian... :D:D:D altough a lot of italians.. have worst than mine.. .. :D

About the instruments.. no.. I use a backing track, mine are all the voices and choirs.

I put the backing track in a Reaper channel (the DAW I use) and create the vocal tracks to mix.

Main second choirs etc.

At the beginning I used an harmonizer for the choirs, then as I take 4 - 5 takes before to choose the one I like more (or the parts), I discovered that usually puting together 3-4 takes to create the choirs in the refrain works better and sound more natural than harmonizers. Altough sometime could create a delay effect if the takes are too much different.

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