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  1. Panic over - I got this done by a friend of mine on the web site.
  2. I am just about to open in Hairspray on Tuesday. At one point in the show there is a news broadcast on a TV. I have pre-recorded the news broadcast myself but its sound too much like my normal voice, and I am already playing one of the principal character roles anyway, Wilbur Turnblad. Would any Americans/Canadians on here be good enough to record it for me please. ? Here is the script: Elsewhere in local news, teenage TV personality and rabble-rouser, Tracy Turnblad , has escaped from the Baltimore Women’s House of Detention. Authorities believe she may have been aided by the once promising, formerly wholesome teen idol Link Larkin. If sighted, citizens are asked to notify police… or, if phone service is not available, simply shoot to kill. In entertainment news, Eva Marie is the saint who kissed Gary Grant in the Film North by Northwest.
  3. shirleydw2005   You have a similar background to me, I take part in community musical theatre show 2 or 3 times a year. I am rehearsing as Wilbur Turnblad in Hairspray currently, showing at the end of May in Scarborough UK. I also have asthma... are we related? I also write (prog rock) songs and record in my home studio.   Anyhow, I am pretty sure my voice changes in live performances compared to rehearsals and home practice, and I don't find that any fun. I also pretty sure some of it is nerves, although I am not consciously aware of being nervous - I feel really cool and up for it generally. I think another part of it is amplification - not being used to the sound of your singing amplified in a full (hopefully) theatre. I earlier rehearsals for the show nobody is amplified and we you have the real sound in the tech or dress rehearsals, and then its different again when the audience arrive and soak up all the sound anyway.   What I have done to overcome the nerves in the last shows it to get out there and do a night or two of karaoke in each of the last 4 weeks leading up to the show. It gets me up singing in front of people in a low risk way, and anyway I only sing songs I know I can nail. This has helped, maybe it also helped with me getting use to hearing myself amplified in a room full of bodies aswell. I have tried to sing my show songs on the karaoke if they are available, if not, some other show songs I know or similar.   George
  4. It's very feasible to create a home studio with a condensor mic and achieve great quality results fairly cheaply.   My home studio I  have a large diaphragm condensor (, which goes through a solid-state analogue pre-amp which also suplies phantom power (, into my PC with a reaosnably good sound card ( like you, I use Adobe Audition to record.   I don't get any whistle or hum or anything odd going on - it's a clean as a whistle. Maybe one item in your chain is faulty or wired wrong? is it a mains hum? earthing problems?   I have used the same setup to record with a dynamic mic, Sennheiser E845s, but the recorded results weren't as crisp as with the condensor mic. With the dynamic mic you turn off the phantom power, whereas it's on for the condensor (as it needs an internal voltage to work)
  5. I have recorded with both, and my take is that for good condenser mics, compared to dynamic mics:   pros: wider frequency range and more sensitive (they hear more detail)   cons: are more fragile, and (mostly) require phantom power, which in turns just means using a pre-amp that can provide it.    
  6. sigsig   perhaps you should give people a bit more to go on... such as a link to some examples of your previous work?   George
  7. I will send you something, it sounds like it is my sort of thing! George
  8. Are you still looking?. I may be interested. Send me an email:, maybe with a link to what to you have done so far on the backing, and some description about the concept you are going for, and/or lyrics.
  9. One of musical interests is creating Iron Maiden covers with a friend of mine. Currenly I am working on their longest ever track "Sign Of The Cross". It starts with Gregorian Chant, which is sung by a specialised choir on the original record. I intend to try to reprodue it by multitracking. Are there any particular techniques I should think about in doing that which are particular to that style? I'm nothing if not ambitious!
  10. Felipe, I enjoyed that article from the recording engineer guy. Good link, thanks. The bit about knowing the words made me smile I am currently working on an Iron Maiden cover (I will post it here when complete) called "To Tame A Land". It contains the lyrics: He is the Kwizatz Haderach. He is born of Caladan And will take the Gom Jabbar. LOL! :D
  11. I have recently discovered the free T-Sledge VST plug-in for mastering. It does a pretty good job, very quickly and easily. Mind you I'm an amatuer musician with very little money with a budget, If I was making money then I might be happy to pay for something better :)
  12. A cople of days ago I came across a a great little free VST for mastering called T-Sledge. As a test I tried I used it on on the recording I did for this track, and it did great job. I updated my mix according - it sounds good to me!. :cool: