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Please critique my first cover ever recorded.

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Its sounding ok, but still a work in progress as you say. The recording quality is quite bad and does not help you, you know that right?

Pitch perception is nice, but the way you are using your voice now is a bit exagerated, try beginning the song more softly, gently, use an let the power for the chorus.

You see, power is nice, but power is on the contrast and not on the total ammount of voice you can deliver on a song, so if you keep everything strong, then nothing is strong. If on the other hand you use soft and gentle phrases and then on the chorus you let just a bit more, no need to go that loud, the contrast sounds huge and conveys the message much better.

So working dynamics and interpretation is what I think you should look for while you dont find a teacher to work the technique with you. Let the technical details be with your future teacher, its much easier.


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