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Is there hope for me or am I wasting my time-- please critique.

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hey there,

i watched some of your video, and i cannot really respond with anything else than a question. What do you want to achieve?

You are comfortable enough in front of the camera, sing well- just depends what kind of critique you would like. If you give us more info, you will get more responses.

Keep singing!

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Ethel you're definately not wasting your time......

You have a cool voice and the the song could be something really special, but the guitar playing lets you down in my opinion. The guitar wasn't great and I think it obstructed you from concentrating on just singing the song exactly the way you wanted.

As for the song - I really liked the words at the beginning and the line 'one of dem days' is catchy. Its quite a moving song. Maybe it could be edited down a little - a shorter version could give it more impact.

I saw 'Free 714' too and had the same experience as with 'one of dem days'. Really moving song, really REALLY great voice, but the guitar isn't to the same standard.

I'm sure a million guitarists would love to play for you. These songs, and your voice, deserve more.

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:)You are definitely not wasting your time - you have a very lovely voice, which could really blossom with some further practice and some guidance ...the song is sweet, with very cool lyrics .....(the guitar does, unfortunately, detract from the performance, but I can't really criticize since I couldn't do much better and you got me beat all the way with the vocals:cool:)

Please don't give up - keep up the momentum, keep on singing.

Brightest blessings


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