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Hallelujah In The Style of Jeff Buckley Covered by SkyKnight

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After a while, I felt buried under all the covers of this song. I am probably the only one to not cover it. Well, one of the few to not cover it. Most are inspired by the Jeff Buckley version. And it is iconic. I think he "owned" it more than the original songwriter. In the same vein that Johnny Cash owned "Hurt" more than Trent Reznor, who wrote and originally sang that song.

That being said, I really liked your version. You put your own emotion and expression in it. You sang it like you wrote it. And that is golden, in my book. Pure gold. Don't listen to anyone else how you should have sang this or that note with this or that percentage of this or that magical widget. Ignore that.

If you have a "live" set of stuff you can sing, either with a band or at karaoke or open mic, keep this, and keep this version.

So, what you need to be doing is recording. If you want this song on your first album, you will need to pay copyright to the org that collects for this song. I think it's BMI but it could be ASCAP. Get a lawyer. Starting writing original stuff. Right now. And I would say that stuff like this is your strong suit but don't limit yourself.

Get registered as a songwriter, even as a publisher of your own music (it doesn't cost that much and protects you when dealing with record labels.)

And you don't need a record label. You can release as an unsigned artist with itunes and cdbaby if your originals are copyrighted and owned by you. Any covers, like a I said, require a lease payment to ASCAP or BMI. If this is the only cover song on the album, it might be cheaper just to pay for this one. If you plan on more cover tunes, pay the blanket fee. And if you work with a label or start your own, blanket fee is the way to go. You then have permission to record anything in their catalog.

It's a business, so be prepared for that.

So, yeah, I liked your version. It should be professionally recorded and released.

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Thank you Ron. You are an asset here at themodernvocalist. Your input is direct and always helpful. You are busy like a bee on here. My voice didnt cooperate on a few spots. I hope the long high note wasn't too much. I have never taken voice lessons but your words of encourage even though you didnt mention anything about technique or vocal style has inspired me to seek out someone than can tame my voice.

At the age of 25 about 36 days away from being 26 I feel like I am already old and its too late to accomplish anything if I have to start from the beginning. I make music for my own enjoyment. I always have.

But thank you again. Your information and help is priceless Ron.

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You might feel old. So do I. I will be 49 next month. For me, breakfast usually includes some ibuprofen. :rolleyes:

I show off on some notes, too.

But aside from being a singer that likes to help other singers, I am also a member of the music-buying public. And so, while I am not an "expert," I know what I would buy and I would buy this. Chances are likely that others would, too.

So, I am not a singing teacher. I'm just a guy who likes to sing and to help others, if I can. And to say when something is good, as well as to say when something can use some work.

Who knows, maybe the next cover you do will bomb and fail. But whatever you are doing for this, you are doing right, at least as far as I am concerned. As a fan and a fellow singer, keep doing what you do, like this stuff.

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