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en ce moment meme(original song)

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here is a new song recorded on a camera

I want to have some opinions(its in french so you wont understand...but just give it a try and tell me if you like lol)

the lyrics in english :

(en ce moment meme===>right now)

right now I'm thinking of the futur

there are many things I want to be

I'm thinking of time, hoping to grow

and sudenly I'm scared, when death is all I see

right now I'm thinking of the past

this is to much for me, I've had more than enough

their are many memorys I want to erase from my head

get as far as I can from these classified files

and now I'm between those two

they just don't stop hurting me

they want me to forget

the only thing that really exists

and what is the past ? what is the futur ?

one is dead, the other will be dead

we are always chasing them, we forget to live

right now, just get them out of our heads

chorus lalalalal


right now, as I'm writing this poem

as the ideas are coming easily

all this time that I pased to understand

making that man who is me, is the only reason why they keep on fighting

I now I have to work on the pronunciation, but, as I'm trying to avoid nasality it makes it hard to get good diction

please answer :)


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Maybe no one knows how to critique songs in French. :/ I like the concept of the song. It sounded like you were in tune with the music. I wish I could give a better responce but I just don't know how to rate this.

I've heard you sing before and I like your voice.

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yes I was just looking for a critique to the whole song, because I also listen to songs in languages I don't understand, still I like it haha

thanks MDEW it really makes me happy that you said that you like my voice, because I don't know why, but at this moment, I don't like my own voice lol

that weird tone that I have, its just not a singers tone, maybe it will get beter with work, but, the voice man the voice, its just not a normal human voice lol, whenever I listen to other male voices even if they don't have technique, if one sings you get a "good male voice" you get music, if he works it a little bit he will be good, but mine is just...hum weird ? I don't find it beautifull to listen to

do you really like my voice ? really ? why ? do you enjoy it like every other male voice ?

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Every one has times when they do not like the sound of their voice. It is natural.

John Lennon did not like the sound of his voice. Neil Young has a unique sound to his voice but there are songs that he sings that wouldn't sound right without that type of voice.

Sometimes the musical accompaniment will effect the perceived sound of the voice.

Do not get discouraged. Keep singing.

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