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Review my vocals please (female)

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I really liked "Left to Burn". Nice and poppy, in a light metal way.

"Marchant's March" the stand-out. Hardcore heavy metal. Anyone who thinks they know modern metal needs to listen to this. Well done on the mix. This is also ready for the radio. And synchro licensing for a movie soundtrack. Like the upcoming "Expendables 3." Seriously. Sylvester Stallone is in pre-production and trying to sign-up the recently released from prison Wesley Snipes. Go for it.

"Larynx Hyper Reflexia" - a nice hybrid of Christina Aguilera and Pink. A soft r&b thingy to share between two lovers on a Sunday morning.

"Anyone Else But You" - the guitar was out of tune and distracted me.

"Riffaaage" my favorite of your instrumental selections because it's a hard rocker. That's just my preference.

I haven't listened to them all.

But I like what I am hearing, so far.

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