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Secret Love by Doris Day

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Don't worry about the crazy part. Another person described himself as ocd, paranoid, and subject to fits of impulsiveness. That pretty much describes a singer. It takes a special kind of guts to get out there and perform with just your voice. Anyway can build a guitar from scratch, choosing all the pieces. Build an amplifier from parts and custom designs. And buy the topnotch strings galore and any style of guitar pick.

But singing is the instrument. So, just get used to being crazy.

You're off pitch in a number of places and I think it is do to sliding into the notes. You are not sure or are apprehensive, so you start somewhere and keep floating until you find it. But you do have a nice vibrato.

Most of your tone is muffled or covered, possibly because you are undersinging and you are not allowing a brighter resonance to come forth. My point is, you can sing, you just have to get out of your own way.

And, rather than worry about whether you can hear the music or not, it is better to get used to what a note "feels" like, rather than what it sounds like in feedback. For there may be times where the monitoring systems are not good enough for you to hear yourself and you will have to trust the physical feeling of the note.

Also, I think you are muffling your tone because you are trying to match your perception of Doris Day. Rather than trying to copy Doris Day, be Doris Day, in a sense. Sing it as if you wrote it, sing like you expect someone across the room to hear you.

I am not saying you have to belt the song out. I am saying that you need to quit holding yourself back. Let Jaxon come out to play. Sing the song as if you wrote it. And here's the hardest part of all, harder than any exercise or scale to give you. Learn to accept that you are as important a singer as, say, Doris Day. And that is mental.

Now, for the easy stuff.

When you inhale, relax the belly, allow the inhale to happen. Don't force the inhale, don't try to take in the maximum amount of air. Just relax and allow the inhalation of air to happen.

When you sing, control the exhale. There will be varying amounts of air-speed and/or air pressure, depending on what you are doing with the song, what part of the range.

Sing loud enough to hear yourself so that when you are off-pitch, you can detect it and correct it. A couple of temporary fixes. Think of a certain pitch as a color or object. Don't think of A4 as A4, for example. Think of it as apple, or red. Once your mind "sees" the note, it informs the body what to do.

Find your resonance. Pick an easy part of your range and do some scales with words that end in ng. Like hung, sung, rung, etcetera. Where you feel that buzz is where you should feel the note, even when your mouth is open.

The singing voice is an instrument and like any instrument can be tuned. It is a matter of alignment.

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