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Cover acapella E.Presley - cant help falling in love. Critique please

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hi again

you all told me "try Johny Cash or Leonard Cohen" but i tried to sing Elvis Presley. I didnt know which version should i post here so i post two records - bad and worse

if u have a strong ears so please listen and rate it.




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Hello Anim. Singing acapella is very hard. You have to really know the melody well. You had some vibrato in your voice . That is a good thing. Vibrato happens naturally when things are working; Proper balance of airflow and cord closure. You need to work on sustaining a pitch or keeping a note steady. Also work on melody.

You may have sang this song a little too low for your voice.

I do like the general sound of your voice. Keep sing and Keep practicing.

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thanks for your opinion. Its very important for me.

U said may i sang this song too deep for my voice. Maybe u have right but its happend naturaly when i start to sing. Also one of teachers i met push me so much deeper than here. Secondly i do not want to sing so much higher cuz i have awfull voice higher and deep voice is my only option i think but i dont know so much about singing - i can be wrong.

Good to hear and listen that my voice isn´t so much creepy and u like it. Its important.

Thank you

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