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Fil Palmer - Video Singing Queen - Great Vox

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Wow, great voice indeed! I personally wish he would not put his hands on his cans, though. If instead he "talked with his hands" at chest level, he could help stabilize his breath support/control and cure that slight pitch issue. He can use his fists, or press fingertips or knuckles into each other to cause the chest to widen and stabilize on hard notes. The breath support then comes from the squeeze at the hips (love the phrase "sing your butt off" :)

This "studio hands position" that my clients find so successful gives the same help that the properly held mic or guitar (or played piano) does in live performance. Another thing he could try is to actually take a dummy mic in his hand and hold it up close to the live mic while he sings, being sure not to drift from it. Sometimes that works like magic, sometimes it's distracting to the singer. Don't know til they try.

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