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Free Fallin'-Vocal Critique

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So I felt like singing and recorded "Free Fallin'" by Tom Petty. Vocally, I am not too familiar with the song so made some parts up as I went......

Seems like there is something off about the way I sing, mainly, like maybe the sound is resonating in one area too much, and also maybe like there's not enough of chesty characteristic, maybe too much sinus cavity resonance and not enough resonating in the oral cavity?not really sure?Well I sang the chorus soft on purpose because I didn't really know how it went but besides that....And anything else that's wrong with my technique you can hear that would be beneficial to me!



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I like it, and you clearly have a really strong voice.

I'm probably not the best to give advice - very much a novice - but at times it feels like your bringing to much to the end of a sound and it almost begins to sound like a honking noise.

I don't have enough expertise to put it in technical terms but that's the only thing I'd criticise as it at times it sounds like its going very nasal.

I reiterate that I am no professional though and overall I did like the piece.


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