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Asylum City ( Winter Rose, James LaBrie's previous to DT band )

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Hi, Xamedhi, this is a new song for me, pretty cool. You have a very pleasant voice, your mixed voice could sound a little thicker i guess. Good job!

Hey :) Thanks for the reply. Well I lowered it a bit, a full step or half, I didn't measure really, it was uncounscious, lol

It is an awesome song :D Did you look for the original on Youtube? It's pretty cool.

Also, you are right :P I want to sound thicker on my mixed voice, that's the goal.. I like James LaBrie, Roy Khan from Kamelot, Geoff Tate..

I'm currently working on that :P

I have a question, though... I have recently discovered the effect that Twang has over my voice.. it makes it very metallic and edgy, which is totally new to me haha Does it get easier with training? I feel like that that Pharyngeal/Twang thing fatigues after a while...

I was used to sing very breathy, so now I am fighting habits with an axe.

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Nice, you got a bit airy voice yes, few parts are off pitch but thats minor problem generally i liked it. You get fatigue with twang but not when singing airy?

No, haha.. I mean, when singing airy I just lose my voice in half and hour or 45 mins... When I try to use more fold closure and/or twang ( I am still not sure about the differences of these mechanisms ) , I last a lot more, and don't "lose it" in the bad sense of the concept.. But I wonder if it is controled by a muscle or something, because after a while I start to lose compression and resonance.

Sometimes after a workout it is hard for me to do a clear vocal fry on the lowest range ( although I can siren up with the same coordination to make a very small sound (vocal fry(?)) on my very high range... sounds like a dog's cry )

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