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Skyscraper Demi Lovato cover

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Harsh as possible? No need for that :)

Firstly, the recording quality isn't too good which doesn't help, but I think you have a lot of potential here but the main thing is the pitchiness, odd phrasing and tempo fluctuations. I feel like if you had a backing track or just a friend with a guitar then you would be 100x better. Can you hear that you change key between the verse and pre-chorus, and the pre-chorus and chorus? Once you're in each section it's mostly okay though.

I hear some nice nasal resonance, vibrato and some volume swelling which is cool. I think for you, to work on leaning in and putting a little more intensity in would be the next step. Of course you never want to strain or push, but to bring more chestyness or thickness into that head voice would probably help with the intonation as well.

Take care!

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