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Let Me Lift Your Burden

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Hi David,

Congratulations, it's you playing and singing? Great guitars, echoed here. :)

Nice voice too, some really small tuning issues, but they are almost unnoticeable. I think that the singer (not sure if it was you) really got into the music.

You have the lyrics anywhere? Couldn't understand some parts (I am not a native or great at understanding english).

Great sound overall, congrats again. Cheers.

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Thanks! This is me just playing and singing in front of a cheap ZOOM H2 digital recorder.

Let Me Lift Your Burden - by David Lane 2014

Do you have what you need

and are you safe in your own skin…

You know there’s nothing in the darkness

that ain’t here when the light pours in

You been waitin’ for the sunshine, baby

dreadin’ the coming rain…

Listenin’ to that thunder rollin’

round those clouds again

Let me lift your burden

Let me take the weight

I want to hold you high above me now

Let you fly away

Away above these troubles

Blowing kisses from the sky

All your pain forgotten

And your worry put aside

Throw open that bedroom window

smell the breeze and taste the air…

Fill up your heart with weightless things

feel it blow away your cares

I’ve got an old Honda Dream, girl

toaster tank done up in chrome…

We’ll ride round the lake this evening

let the moon light guide us home

Whisper that you love me

Nothing else is real

Wrap your arms around me

Eyes closed to help you feel

You are not alone here

Never will that be

Let me lift your burden

Set your mind at ease

The rules your deacon preaches

got you tied in useless knots…

You and you alone girl

hold the keys to spring the locks

You know that love’s the answer

every fiber of your heart…

The Gods will smile upon you

and those chains will fall apart

Let me lift your burden

Give it all to me

Not one tear remembered

Nothing but today

Your sun is warm and shining

The morning bright and new

Dream again my sweat heart

I’ll make it all come true

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