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Blur's Song 2 cover - What do you think?

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Hi everybody!

I invite you to listen to my version of Blur's song 2 (the FIFA 1998 hit)

As a vocalist, I tried not to contradict my vocal producer and go with whatever he wanted...

I would love to know what you make of it. Do you like the interpretation? How's my singing?


Ray Livnat,


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Sounds excellent. Great interpretation. The vocals are perfect for the song. I love the production - great video. The musicianship is great - I particularly liked the guitar solo at the end. Great job and thanks for posting.

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When I started the vocal recording, I didn't really know what sound would come out of me.

I expected it to sound like what people always tell me I sound like, which is Greg Lake, and sometimes Mike Patton.

Surprisingly, You are not the first one to mention George Michael...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts,

Stay tuned - We're about to record our first original song!

Ray Livnat

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Its really well done. Vocals are fine (liked the overdubbed harmonies), the band is tight, tasty arrangement of the parts, everybody's got the chops, and very well produced audio and vid. Good job!

Just a personal preference, but the 'singing breathy eating the mike' kind of solo vocal you sometimes employ in this...is not my favorite. I like to hear just a little more voice clarity in the sound... but that is just me. If you were to bump up the sung volume (not in the mix... your own singing), and then back off the gain in the mix, I think you'd get something a little clearer and not lose the overall effect. FYI, When you sing a bit louder in other places the tone clears right up.

But these are very fine points, and personal preference at that.

Keep 'em coming. Fine offering.

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Hi Steven,

Thank you for your observations! My voice is usually not breathy at all...

The Producer (who arranged, recorded, edited, mixed and played keyboards!), asked me to try a new sound I didn't know I had (though I should have known it would be there - I have many colors...). I tried for about half an hour to sing one of the second verse's sentences with the sound I thought he wanted, and after I gave up, that final sound you hear came out. I am really happy I discovered that side of me that I can use in future recordings, but if you like my voice fuller, please take the time to check out our cover of Hanson's MMMBop from 1997.

ConcreteLake - you are the 4th person to notice that! as I explained above, I didn't acually aim for that sound.

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