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What's my vocal range

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Hi guys, I suddenly became curious about my voice and wanted to explore more. Since I was younger people always said I had a deep voice LOL. I was wondering what songs are also suitable for me voice, I just want to sing. I was in choir in 6th grade thats as much vocal training as I received. Anyways heres a song I recorded with lower key.

Tips are also greatly appreciated.....I been told I cant sing and should stop lol....

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Dont stop singing if it brings joy to you! :)

I have been telling myself often enough that I cant sing but the cool thing is: It gets better with time. Your voice will grow. :)

The main issue here is that you are not really singing (thats how it sounds to me). You are speaking on a note.

The tone was 95% pleasant, so that is not a real problem. But you might be holding back your voice and not supporting well enough. Try to experiment with your breathing (practice DEEP breathing in your belly) and feel your voice "ringing" more, get it to a point were you can feel resonance and dont try to be extra silent because that will inhibit your growth immensly (at least it has stunned my growth).

And also: If you didnt sing for a long time your voice may need a phase of stretching to really settle in a singing configuration. So dont give up and dont stop. :)

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When Tony Iommi first met John Robert Osbourne, he could plainly tell that the guy "could not sing."

Some few years later, he and a bass-playing friend everyone called Geezer, where starting a band and needed a new singer. They saw a posted note on a bulletin board from some guy calling himself "Ozzy."

And let history judge the results of consistently working at it. And I relate these things to give you a boost in courage and intention.

Because you have a lot of problems with your singing. As for range, there is not so much a range limit for anyone. There are voices of different weights. You have a heavy voice. I have a light voice. But we could both sing mostly the same range.

You are off pitch in so many places I could not list. This is a matter of calibration. If you cannot hear the difference between your pitch and that of the instrumental in your own recording, then you need a patient friend or person to listen to you as you raise or lower until you get it right. Another option that my brother has used is to connect a mic to a digital guitar tuner. Keep adjusting until you have centered the needle for the basic pitches.

But before you do that, you have to manage the breath. You are letting too much breath out when you sing. You need to slow the escape of air down and this will allow the vocal folds to more easily maintain a pitch, once you do find the right pitch.

And resonance. We all use some nasal space for resonance but you have too much tone escaping through the nostrils, at least as far as my preferences go. So, allow the note to be in the head but it should exit through the mouth, not the nose.

Anyway, back to the pitch thing. Singers cannot hear themselves as others hear them. So, when you do find the right pitch, memorize the feeling of it. Because a singer sings by feel.

You have a neat and natural tone in your voice that would work well in funk, reggae, ska, well anything you wanted to do but those genres came instantly to mind.

Another key to better pitch is clean and simple vowels. Ah, eh, ee, oh, oo. And these are to be made with the back of the tongue, not the lips. All that the lips do is create consonants and should be light and transitory.

You can sing, we just need to tune you up, like a guitar. And on that note, here is one of the most important things, I find. The singing voice is different than the speaking voice, in spite of using the same physical structure. The singing voice is a musical instrument, not means of recitation of prose. The prose tells a story, yes, but it must float, like a guitar or violin solo. You were essentially trying to speak and recite the lyrics while changing pitch. Instead, start with the pitch and let the lyrics form second. Even if it is haphazard, at first, you will progress much faster singing like an instrument first, forming lyrics, second.

Also, I am not an expert, I just have some experience of my own from my time of singing and playing guitar. And anyone here is always anxious to help.

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Thanks for all the feedback guys! Yes, I sometimes dont want to yell because it's embarrassing for me lol.,...ugh matching pitch for me is so difficult....I will try my best to match pitch. Yeah, my voice is pretty deep since I was young people use to tell me that. Also thanks for the recommendations, hmmm maybe il do another one, but when people arent sleeping xD and ill try to add some of the advice given to me here! :D

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Hey! Well, you need to work a LOT on your sense of pitch and your ability to reproduce it, man. And also your phrasing is kind of weird. This makes me think that you are not a good listener, and that is the most important skill one needs to learn I think. So practice your listening. Really, it's just practice. Some people just ear stuff, they skim through the "noise", but really dig into it, concentrate, and listen to all the details, all the instruments. Try to picture images in your head.. organizing or drawing the melodies, so you get better at recognizing pitch.

I don't know how other's minds work, but at least I am very visual. Every sound I hear translates into an image.

Then, while you practice that, you should also explore your resonance. Try to open your throat, in your palate, pharynx and larynx.

The stage where you are at now is of discovery. I suggest you really get the hang of your instrument. Try not to constrict anything, and it doesn't matter if it is quiet or a little breathy because you need to learn how to release.

That will give you more freedom and ease to reproduce pitch.

I hope my ideas help, man

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