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Daughtry - Ill fight (Vocal Cover) Please rate my singing.

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Hello everyone, its my first vocal cover ever. I didnt work on this track very hard, so its more like a practice.

I transposed the song half step down because the part at end its pretty hard to sing. Also skipped some 2nd chorus.In a week I suppose, Ill re-record full version. So please subscribe and have a nice day.;)

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First, the good stuff. I like what you did. You've got the right feel for this song.

Now, the time for me to give you some advice from my amateur perspective.

Don't lead off with excuses, disclaimers. And actually, fellow member Guitargeorge said similar things and it broke me of the same habit I see in others. I don't want to know if you worked two weeks on this, or five minutes. Why? Because you do the best that you can, each and every time, or at least you should. Whether you warmed up an hour, five minutes, or not at all.

I don't know if you engaged in false humility, what I call the behavior of stating beforehand how bad you are in order to be pleasantly surprised at good reviews. And you can certainly chalk my words up to my own psychological development, and not at all applicable to you.

When I present a song for review, I do NOT list the recording conditions, unless others ask, such as equipment. Or, if I wanted to make a point about something in a later discusssion. Otherwise, you will not know if I did one take or twenty takes. And I have had both extremes. I have had a recording that I nailed the first time, just click record and go. Other times, recording over a period of a week or two and probably 20 attempts at recording. What matters is the finished product.

Basically, I see two avenues of presentation. Either one presents a plain recording to highlight a problem that one wants to have fixed. Or one is showcasing, as many of us do.

And there is nothing wrong with showcasing. Except that it should be treated as a real showcase. The best effort you can do, win, lose, or draw.

For example, no one needs to be impressed if I did a song in one take. Nor do I expect admiration and kudos if I worked 3 weeks on it and did two different versions. Whether I warmed up for an hour or just clicked on record and blasted away. What matters is what I have presented.

And I have been the worst offender, before. Posting a song because I wanted to, when it could have used a better recording and mixing regimen that I never took the time to learn, before recently. Blamed it on equipment, blamed it on me being a "live" singer, rather than a "studio" singer.

So, I am not judging you or criticizing you. I just want to help you avoid the mistakes I have made.

So, make a full cover, edit it well, show us your absolute best. And yes, there are times when I have done my best and it was not good enough, for others. Such is life.

"Been a puppet, a poet, a pirate. A pawn and a king. Been up and down and over and out, and I know one thing.

Each time I find myself flat on my face, I pick myself up and get back in the race ...

That's life ..."

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Thanks a lot for your time. It is extremely helpful comment. And you are right about it doesnt matter what I did to get such tone or how much I worked. It is the final product what matters. Ill keep working and definitely put that track to the limit.

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