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Too much love will kill you - Queen

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Another song that has given me a lot of grief in my quest to learn to sing it.. I am happy with this version. There are areas where I sound like I have a cold.. Not sure if it is a singing technique error or error with EQ..


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Bravo for taking on a really difficult song.

In this song, the ee sound is pulling you off center, creating what sounds like a pitch error. But your eh and ah are good.

So, on the chorus, you are singing, "too m ah ch l- uh-v w-ee-l k-ee-l you."

Try tuh mah ch l ah v w-eh -ll k-eh-ll y ah"

It involves less changes to the alignment of your structure and they are stronger sounds for you, at least in this song. That can change in the next song that you do. I find that to be for myself, as well. Each song, for you, or for me, may rest better on a different vowel. That's why I no longer think of myself as an ee singer or ah singer. But a singer who hopefully chooses the right center or anchoring vowel for a song.

As for the mix, it is bit more simplistic than what you did for LIB. That one had a great mix.

What you can do for this is a few things. Take the backing track and "notch" or decrease the eq around the 2 khz. Your vocal track, already showing brightness around the 2 khz will sit in it better. And add just a smidge of reverb. This gives the auditory illusion of the voice being a little farther back. In this recording, your voice is sitting on top of the music, like a karaoke thing.

But all in all, a really good job and you had some really good distortion at the end.

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