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  1. Thank you Rob and MDEW!! Rob, yes, I have heard your version. In fact the first version of this song I heard was yours!
  2. Posting after a really long time. Hopefully some of the old timers are still around.. Thank you to anyone who drops in a word or two..
  3. Hi.. I have very good personal experience with interval training. I started very late(37+). I had no knowledge of music. But now I have come very far(over the last two years), now I can notate by hear, recognize the root note and even make out notes in real time. The idea is to give yourself time for this. Hearing like singing is a learned trait and takes time. The best way to start is with a great app called functional ear trainer. That is a really good starting point. If you need any ideas, hit me up. I am happy to share my knowledge with you..
  4. What is projection issue>? How is it caused? Improper mic technique?
  5. Hi Folks, I am not an accustomed live singer. I have slowly built up my voice over the years. I am used to singing in my home studio where it is a controlled environment and I am always having my headphones on. I have been trying to do some live gigs. My band mates tell me that I am flat(which I possibly am). It is surprising for me, because I don't use any auto-tuning and my recordings are decent pitch wise. Why I am I facing this issue only when I sing live. What can I do to overcome this problem...
  6. Technique, technique, technique, that is what counts. The greatest singers don't have anything weird about their voices. Timbre is a different quality. Everybody cannot sound like Freddie Mercury or Steven Tyler or Steve Perry. Their voices are unique to a certain extent. Even among them, they sound amazing because they have phenomenal technique... Good singing is like a flowing river. It has no discernible changes in pitch, or volume or tonal quality..Everything is a gradual change. To do this without the listener finding out that you have changed pitch or volume or tone is a ski
  7. Baritone or Tenor is related to voice quality and not range. Tenors have to struggle equally hard to sing E4-C5. It is a function of training. You can learn to sing any range. The other thing is that these Fach classification is more relevant to singing without a mic. With microphone boundaries are blurred..
  8. Listening to your voice. Nice range and impressive bridging. But there are two challenges in what you have in getting a Dio sound! One is that in the lower part of the voice, there are places where it sounds dopey and not like your natural voice. Typical issue when we try a large sound than what our voices can do at the current level. The trick is to sing like you are speaking.. it is very much possible at the lower range.. By using a conversational tone, you can get rid of the dopey sound.. Secondly, DIO would use heavy distortion in the chorus and sing just the right vowels!(the s
  9. It is genetics. Rob is an amazing singer, but he simply does not have the big voice of Dio or Bruce.. Everything including the size of the body impacts the size and darkness of the voice. Big guys have larger voices simply because of the larger vibratory chamber Somehow amazingly in this very song DIO is able to get his chesty tone all the way consistently through the song. That is why he is so exceptional. With Rob, you can make out that he is bridging. There is a definite change in the vocal quality. DIO, it is ONE VOICE all the way through. .Genius at work!!
  10. Funkfish, can you play by ear. I mean when you hear two piano notes, do you know that the relationship between them is a major third or a minor 6th for instance? If you have been playing for as long as you say, you should be able to do this. Singing works in the exact same fashion. You hear the note in your head a fraction of second BEFORE you sing it. My suspicion is that you have the ears, but are not adept in matching pitch with the sound of your voice. You should practice scales in the same manner that you do when you practice an instrument, except that you have to match pitch
  11. You can learn a great deal of music by yourself without formal coaching, but you will never know until you take another person's opinion. To all of us, especially singers, we always sound good. A good teacher can add a lot of value. Value comes from interaction, from a teacher being not emotionally invested and thereby being able to see flaws, from just having a different point of view possibly from coming from a different school of learning. You can never become really good until you invest time, energy and money. For mediocrity, you have the internet and all the "free" material!!
  12. James's voice is a bit of an acquired taste. It can get very shrill and bordering on annoying. I can understand the hate that he receives on forums. But in some of the band's earlier albums, the material is so darned difficult from a singers' standpoint. The quality of their musicianship is extremely high and all members are incredible in their own repertoire. This is simply one of the highest quality of musicians who have worked together. La Brie's songs in the earlier albums are so demanding that it is difficult to do justice to them in the studio, let alone in a live environment.
  13. Thanks Rob for the kind words Yes I have seen both these videos. The lesson I have learnt is to find a way to use our own voice. I think my voice at this range sounds heavy, possibly both due to my singing and my voice perhaps being slightly higher. Fabrico obviously has used a much lighter tone consistent with his voice. I actually love Shigeki's version most musically and tonally, but I don't like his diction, possibly because it is his second language. James La Brie himself has a very light voice, lighter than mine for sure and he sings it very close to Shigeki I feel...
  14. Bang on JonJon. Both Dio and Bruce are monstrously difficult singers to imitate. Far more difficult than most singers. Both are incredible singers, Dio can do way more vocal colors than Bruce(what I have heard) and some of his softer stuff is equally amazing(like Catch the rainbow for e.g.). But Bruce has this almost magical clean, warm and in general heavy high notes. My sense is that you need to have monstrous(how often the word appears with these two gentlemen) support and take the chest voice really high. I think both these guys also have a warm sound in their spoke
  15. Hi Folks, This is one of my favorite songs. I posted a version earlier, this is after I did some work on my musculature. Now I am able to retain more of the muscular sound even on my high notes. The verse as many will attest is one of James La Brie's finest performances. It has taken me several years to reach this level. For now happy with the outcome. Thanks to anyone who drops in a sentence or two..
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