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Painted on my heart (Gone in 60 seconds OST)

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One of my bosses has an "eleanor."  1967 Mustang Fastback that he restored to almost original parts from a rusted out mess. And he has won a few shows with his. I wouldn't mind having an "Eleanor." I used to have her plain sister, the California edition of 68 Mustang made with 67 parts, 289 small block V8, Holley 2 barrel carb, c6 auto-tramission with the "slapstick" on the floor. It had belong to our grandparents and I had to spend a grand at the garage to get it road-worthy again. Thanks to my lead foot, I have beat a Cutlass 442, a BMW on the streets. The only car that beat me was a friend with a '69 El Grande that had a 302 Cobrajet. 

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