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Latest Song I've Written- We'll be the last one posted for a while.

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It's pretty cool. I'm not sure if it is using a harmonic minor or is using a lot of accidentals, but the way it drifts and drones reminds me of some middle eastern styles.


You have a really cool way of exploring tonality while not going atonal. You're more skilled at it than I am, and I have a lot more years playing music than you do. It's definitely something you should work to your advantage as an artist.


Your songs each end up with a unique flavor and your voice and guitar tie together your identity as an artist while you explore these different areas. It's good, less of a single and more of a deep track than the last one, but not everything needs to be a single and there is often deeper hidden value in other forms. 


I think it's really great you're going to put together this album. Once you get it put together, we're gonna have to figure out how to market you a bit and see where you can go from here. Writing songs indefinitely into the future is good, but I think you've got potential for even more. Maybe playing live, and having exposure and all that. If my health allowed it, I'd definitely play live. I don't know what your goals are, but you're very talented and if you were to pick mostly the more friendly ones at least until you'd gathered a fanbase, you could probably entertain audiences.


I'm off to bed for now, and will listen again tomorrow. I think things are looking pretty bright. You've been working really hard on these goals. Worst case scenario you've accomplished things that many will never accomplish already. So keep going. Give it all you've got.

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Oh I won't be posting any songs for a while, as I'm going to try to finish an album...so I'll keep some songs for a pleasant surprise. Also the title is suppose to say *will 

That's good to hear. You will be too busy to post while you complete some work, I hope, for release. I liked this song. A descent into madness.


That mindset reminded me of some other lyrics, so follow me on my descent into madness:


"I've been to the edge.

And then I stood and looked down.

You know, I lost a lot of friends there, baby.

Ain't got no time to mess around ..."


Autobiographical, for me.


Anyway, keep writing from your heart. It needs to be heard and the world will be a richer place because of it.

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Thanks Killerku, I have no idea what my goals are...I guess we'll find out. Exactly ronws you captured the vibe perfectly. I wrote the song originally about how some people are so quick to put their trust in others; however, they rarely have trust in themselves. It's an interesting scenario which I see happen often. After I got this idea I then mixed it around some, until this descent to madness was created. I'll continue to write and I'll have the album for release 

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