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  1. Hey Robert, 

    I really enjoy the community on this website so I tried to make a membership payment so I can have the benefits of posting and reviewing on the forums. I tried paying via my Visa Debit but to my surprise, it was declined. Does the site accept VISA DEBIT or must I make the payment another way? Thanks :) 

  2. I tried to cover this did I do? Thanks for the critique in advance
  3. Chapman123

    Original Song (feedback)

    I've recorded a new song. The recording quality isn't ideal because I don't have my editor anymore. This is the raw recording. What do you guys think? ​
  4. Chapman123

    New Folk Song I wrote

    Thankyou HoneySuckle11 (I might have laughed a little saying that name ). I'm glad you enjoyed it . Side note: Honeysuckle's are a delicious hiking snack.  
  5. Chapman123

    New Folk Song I wrote

    Thank you, . You should try it, playing an instrument at the same time really makes the song feel more real to me when I record.   
  6. Chapman123

    New Folk Song I wrote

    Recording quality isn't as good as others I've done because the mic was too close to the guitar, but you can still hear my voice well enough. It's a very soft song. I'm quite proud of this song because I've, as far as I know, invented a new guitar tuning. EAD(or G)CFE
  7. Chapman123

    Please Critique My Vocals

    Here's a cover I did.   Be Brutal. 
  8. Chapman123

    Jackson C.Frank -Milk And Honey Cover

    Thanks Pekka, I appreciate it . 
  9. Chapman123

    Do My Vocals Sound Fine In This Song?

    Haha Ronws my stuff has been very somber lately. I hope to create some lighter tunes soon.  
  10. I think I can do better and I'll probably try it again later but what are your thoughts ? Jackson C.Frank was surely a folk and blues genius.
  11. Chapman123

    Song I Wrote Last Night

    I was listening to some Jackson C.Frank and his sound inspired me to write this song. It's a very rough recording but I'll appreciate everyone's thoughts. Some of the phrasing needs to be cleaner and the guitar in some areas polished but I think it's an interesting track. Currently I have 5 songs on the album but I'm now considering adding three more because I still think there's a little more to say. I might throw in the good recording of this one in  and two other songs which I will record the demo of soon. Here's the demo
  12. Chapman123

    Do My Vocals Sound Fine In This Song?

    Thanks for the kind words Pekka  
  13. Chapman123

    My New Song - Catchy one :P

    Thanks everyone for the feedback, I appreciate it. I'll upload my picture now, I forgot all my pictures are on my separate harddrive. KillerKu, thanks for the advice . I noticed the Trust song has the most catchy melody too out of all mine but it isn't as approachable as some of the others; nonetheless it's still one of my personal favourites. I noticed that today with the nursery rhymes, I was unpacking some belongings of my grandmother and I happened to play an old one, the similarity to a pop song's pattern really struck me.  
  14. Chapman123

    My New Song - Catchy one :P

    I've finished my album now, here's the last demo song. The good recording is finished but I'll save that for the album. Tell me what you think of the demo version? 
  15. Chapman123

    Do My Vocals Sound Fine In This Song?

    Thanks for the response KillerKu . That's exactly what I was going for, I just wanted to make sure it felt appropriate for the song and not gawky or hollow. I wanted the guitar and the voice to still complement eachother but I wasn't sure if I had gone too far with the vocals. You cleared everything up for me though.